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June 20, 2014


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I am less concerned about the traffic congestion and more concerned about how dangerous this "new" and temporary intersection is coming off Devil's Slide. Injured persons should look to Caltrans and the city for this terrible configuration with very little warning before they arrive at it. I expect to see a lot of accidents.

CORRECTION: The original article states that pedestrians have access along San Pedro Avenue facing Pedro Point Shopping Center -- and the pedestrian traffic south of Linda Mar Boulevard is not allowed east of the old bridge.
Actually, the signs posted on both sides of the bridge state "PEDESTRIANS ONLY" and there are no signs in the area that prohibit or even restrict movement of pedestrians. Presumably, Pacificans on foot can check out the bridge progress and can walk or ride the paved creek trail that terminates at the bridge.

Yes, it was a release from the high school swimming pool that killed the fish. With all the urban impacts, this creek is hanging on by its fingernails for much of its length. Things are better at the ends, where the county park offers a degree of watershed and riparian habitat protection for several (but not all) tributaries and where modest wetland restoration is being attempted near the ocean. Along its course, there are probably hundreds of possibilities for innocent, ignorant, drastic mistakes like the release from the school pool.

Bridges cast shadows that can sometimes inhibit movement of fish and other animals beneath them, and the wider the bridge, the greater the concern. The shadow certainly prevents the establishment of natural riparian habitat where it falls. Doubt that this factor was looked at for the super-wide (multi-lane setup) replacement being built.


We caught silvers in that creek in the mid-'70s.

I don't believe that is correct, BB. I've been here for 35 years and followed this issue closely. The fish killed by pool dumping in the '80s were steelhead trout. Coho (silver salmon) have been gone from the creek for at least 60 years. The pool dumpings were a residential issue also. Never heard about Terra Nova.


Before the dumping of all the pool water from Terra Nova High School, which was a mistake by workers who released the water into the storm drain, San Pedro Creek had a nice run of silver (aka coho) salmon.

The chlorine from the pool water wiped out the whole run. I know that as part of the settlement the school district had to buy Eel River steelhead and stock them in the creek for a few years.

The driver was suspected DUI. Lights won't help that.

I am not surprised that there has been a death at the Highway 1 construction site near Pedro Point. Both my wife and I commented that it looked like it was a trap for pedestrians. There is no clearcut crossing for people coming from the shopping center near Denny's to get over to Pedro Point. If you did know what you were doing and tried to cross with the assistance of the traffic lights, you would cross from the east side of Highway 1 near Denny's over to the west side of Highway 1. Once there, you would have to wait for a crossing light to go from that southwest corner to the northwest corner, then you would have to walk the shoulder of the road, cross over the entrance to the parking lot, and then onto the walking path on the west side of San Pedro Road, which is now acting as Highway 1. I can tell you from personal experience that the traffic there is not looking for pedestrians crossing the highway. Worse yet, it seems some motorists are not sure of what to do, so they stop in the highway to let pedestrians cross. That is almost surely going to cause someone to get rear-ended or the pedestrian is going to run out into the road to get hit, but a driver coming in the other direction who is unaware that a motorist is coming in the other direction has waved the pedestrian into the highway. Surely someone should have or could have anticipated this problem and put up clear crossing sites? I feel certain there will be more accidents in the near future due to this configuration. This could be avoided.

Traveled this roadway three times this weekend (between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.) going back and forth to Half Moon Bay, and there was no congestion whatsoever. Sorry about the woman who was hit. Does anyone know where on the road she was hit? Maybe there needs to be more light in the area? If anyone knows, please advise.

Caltranswatch - follow Caltrans info here:

Wow, I'm surprised at you "environmentalists." There are no salmon in San Pedro Creek. Steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), yes. This project will actually improve habitat and aid winter steelhead.

Why use scare tactics or make stuff up? This is exactly how PH1A got the few real people to sign that questionable petition. Minimize safety issues and predict doom and gloom. There is no comparison between rebuilding a bridge and adding lanes. Caltrans does widening projects all over the state, many with little to no backups. The widening at Highway 1 and 92 is a perfect example. And now it is working as predicted. So why should we believe you about this not solving our traffic woes?


Steelhead are in the creek and spawn yearly.

No salmon.

The disruption to traffic and business at Pedro Point has given a new name to Pacifica for visitors approaching from south: "The blight at the end of the tunnel."

This is an important little project as it will give residents and businesses a firsthand experience of a tiny fraction of the inconvenience and the disruption of business that would happen if we were to allow Caltrans' my-way-or-the-highway widening project to proceed. Note how inconvenienced you are by this little project and imagine, instead of one tiny bridge at the extreme south end of town, at least a third of the total length of the main artery of Pacifica being worked on like that for three or five or eight years. Then you might imagine how you are going to feel when the finished product, after years of putting up with this, just doesn't solve the traffic problem. It is pretty obvious to many of us that it won't cure our traffic woes, and even if it gets built for free (Measure A money is the bait to get us to fall for this), it is way, way too expensive. I am not at all opposed to making sacrifices for some better future. I think that improving this little bridge so it can improve the salmon's chances and help the creek recover from what we have done to it in the past is a good idea. I am hoping Pedro Point businesses and residents survive this assault, but there is no reason to allow half the town to be trashed for no good reason.

That's a salmon stream -- hope they are not blocking any salmon runs. It's one of the few streams with fish for 25 miles in either direction.

Huh? We've been using that unpaved shortcut to Highway 1 next to Ace Hardware Store for years.

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