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Well said, Dan.

What a sad, sad situation.

I fully expected that these policemen operated within the parameters provided them by the powers that be. I recognize that the task of drafting any such parameters is very like coming up with a foolproof deal with the devil. One weights it one way and bad guys do terrible things or you weight it the other direction and police do terrible things. A refined and nuanced approach can seem quite out of the question, yet that is what every police encounter needs for the citizen to get any kind of justice, but also for the police personnel to do right and have a better self-image and be in less danger from those who aren't actually "BAD guys." The suicides in law enforcement aren't simply a product of having firearms at the ready all the time. I believe that it has more to do with being compelled to escalate, escalate, and escalate to "control" every situation. We don't control situations, and if we did, it wouldn't be by escalating our threat to those around us. Understanding is power. Empathy training might make police work a little less dangerous than it is, while at the same time making the police a little less of a hazard to the citizenry. I see how these police persons were in compliance with the present law. I also see how the present law can't help but make a bad situation worse in situations such as this.

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