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June 10, 2014


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Builders on the coast will be laughed at as their constructions tumble into a rising sea. Scientists predict sea level rise of as high as 4 feet by 2100 -- and much more if we do not change the rate of increase of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

A gentle graphic from the Union of Concerned Scientists does not show the horrible changes we can expect, just a few:

Disheartening, but not surprising, that this guy was appointed a Coastal Commissioner without knowing these basics, as well as many others. If the intent was to protect the remaining and diminishing values of California's coastal region according to all the highfalutin, sappy language of Chapter One, then a new Coastal Act fixing the shortcomings of the one of 1976, was already necessary in 1989 (at least that's when I became aware of it). But I, and many others, were already aware of another fact: The Coastal Act, itself, was created by the California legislature to soften, circumvent, and lay the groundwork for defeat of as many directives of Proposition 20 as it could get away with at the time. For the naive, a critical reading of Prop. 20 side by side with the Coastal Act of 1976, as now amended, will be an eye-opener.

Beyond the Act, almost every coastal county and incorporated city LCP seeks to further weaken the Act's mandates in at least a few ways that serve local developer and other monied interests--whatever the creating government of an LCP can get approved by the 12 highly political appointees on the Coastal Commission.

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