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Alan, shhhhhh

Suddenly Roberts Road to De Solo Drive has become the go-to way to Linda Mar.

I left Moss Beach heading north at 5 p.m. Sunday. What David Chang said. Except that years ago, traffic leaving HMB's Pumpkin Debacle did back up all the way from Linda Mar to Montara in the afternoon, and all the way from HMB to Montara in the morning. That was once a year and has been largely remedied by more efficient intersections in HMB and Pacifica. What are we looking at here? Every nice weekend until October 2015? We never learn the obvious. Caltrans rules for the benefit of Caltrans.

I got stuck in the Crespi intersection when it turned red and the right lane stopped, had to shift to the left lane and try to merge later on. I've never even come close to getting stuck in that intersection before. There's going to be an accident there. I just hope a pedestrian isn't involved. Madness.

San Pedro Road was never a significant traffic generator. And like San Pedro Road, the old Highway 1 also narrowed to one lane in both directions just south of the Linda Mar intersection. So with the traffic lights re-timed, what is causing the major traffic tie-up that wasn't a factor before?

Stay off Highway 1 on the weekends. Purchase a personal-sized electric scooter to run errands, as I have done. You can go on trails and roadways when necessary. Plus, they are great fun.

Thanks, David, I was wondering how far south that stretched. Montara!

The detour (and light at Linda Mar Boulevard) caused equal havoc northbound in the late afternoon. At 5 p.m. Sunday, the line of stop-and-go traffic stretched from Linda Mar all the way to Montara Beach. I've never seen that before, even during special events like Pumpkin Festival, Dream Machines, or Mavericks.

Indeed. I got caught on Linda Mar Boulevard heading toward Highway 1. People coming out of the shopping center were turning left and blocking lanes and cutting in front of us. Some old geezer (older than me) cut right in front of me and just smiled when I passed him and gave him stank eye. Then to top it off, some woman walking a dog to the beach let her mutt crap in the sidewalk and she never stopped to clean up the mess. I feel sorry for whoever drove over that steaming pile. Today I felt like we would all be better off on the planet of the apes.

Can confirm craziness today. Drove down to La Playa; the merge to a single right lane going south was ridiculous. I was forced to merge late and others were forced to merge far later again. People trying to go north from the south small paid lot were all over the frontage road. I shopped at the Ace Hardware afterward and it took forever to even get out of there, and I was watching people swearing coming down Highway 1 into Pacifica going north. What a bloody mess.

Interesting! I followed the line of cars and no one in that shot is turning left at Linda Mar. They are all trying to get through the bridge detour or possibly home to Pedro Point.

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