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Opinion: Net Neutrality for the Rest of Us

The reason we rank behind Estonia in Internet speed is because the major players in the USA wanted to be able to characterize the trashing of net neutrality as "the advent of a net fast lane" for rich people and companies, rather than "the advent of a net super-slow lane" for poor people and companies.

The American people paid for the inception and development of the Internet. I recognize the tradition of turning over the fruits of the research and development our tax dollars paid for to for-profit corporate sociopaths, but I must say I disagree with the very idea of that longstanding practice. I oppose any and all transfers of wealth or sovereignty from the people to the corporations."

As a "complaint" (that section of their forms) at, please do barrage them with all the reasons we don't want to end net neutrality. Please do this every day until they get it.

Dan Underhill


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