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The Changing Face of Local Media: Pacifica Tribune's Corporate Owner

"Digital First Media announced Monday the completion of a merger of its two largest companies -- MediaNews Group and 21st Century Media -- to create a new media company that will operate under the Digital First Media name. The transaction, first announced Dec. 17, brings together the two companies jointly managed by Digital First Media in New York City. 'This is an important moment for our company and positions us to accelerate our growth under a single and innovative brand,’ said John Paton, chief executive of Digital First Media. The two media companies have a combined $1.3 billion in annual revenue with more than 800 multiplatform products and a monthly audience of more than 67 million Americans. As the nation's second-largest newspaper company, Digital First Media is among the largest providers of digital news and information in the United States, and is the parent company of the Bay Area News Group, which publishes this newspaper.”

(News release from Jillian Sederholm of Digital First Media, reprinted in the San Jose Mercury News, December 30, 2013; the Pacifica Tribune is part of the Bay Area News Group referenced in the story above.)


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Would that the Tribune go back to news gathering written in comprehensible fashion.

Marinscope Community Newspapers announced October 8, 2015 the purchase of the Pacifica Tribune newspaper from Digital First Media. Marinscope's parent company is Battle Born Media in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Digital First continues to own the Mercury News, which serves many other Bay Area communities.

I was told this week that the Trib was going in a new direction and would no longer need my column (and others). I wondered what was going on. This seems to explain it.

What does this mean to the Tribune? Will there still be weekly deliveries? Online paper only, but with releases as they come in? More coverage or less?

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