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Pacifica Police Nab Auto Burglary Suspect

The Whole Beast Goes Missing

Riptide reporter Jimmy Olsen knocks on the door and rings the bell at what was to become The Whole Beast in the old Boston Bill's restaurant space, but no one answers. All of Jimmy's other attempts to contact The Whole Beast go unanswered, so we are left to assume that the deal is a nonstarter. Too bad. A lot of people were looking forward to trying the trendy new nose-to-tail butcher shop. Maybe The Whole Beast was spooked by the specter of highway widening right at its front door.


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Good Lord, food trucks would be VERY WELCOME. There are several locations a food truck convoy could set up for the day and leave.


Boston Bill also came into town, starting the project with little to no money. His partner was no help either and wanted out right before construction was done. Oh yes he also was the contractor.

He also had health problems, as did his wife, so the deck was stacked against him. The guy also had no restaurant experience and he thought he could bring his South Boston attitude to California.

I don't think anyone wants to start a business in a location that will be knocked down in a year or two. I had heard that the present owner was trying to make it appear that there's an actual business in that location so he would get more money for the property from Caltrans. Not sure if that's true, but it fits with this Whole Beast thing.

Boston Bill's would have been fine if he wasn't so rude to his employees. A Fresh Choice franchise would probably do very well at that location if there is enough space for that.

We really like Stuckey's
on the southwest corner of Francisco Boulevard and Clarendon -- just west of Highway 1.

This really is for Jimmy and I guess anyone who wants to help start this! But first off, Jimmy, please contact me: Kebbq@sbcglobal.net. So here we go. The Whole Beast. Boston Bill's. What's next? Or better yet, what does Pacifica want next? As I understand, they both were wanted and would have succeeded and were welcome, so no blame! It's just an all-out question or even a poll. What does Pacifica want next in that location? And are food trucks welcome in Pacifica? Is there an off-the-grid type of thing anywhere? Would it work at that location?
Thank you.

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