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July 10, 2014


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Learn more about Big Wave here:

Big Wave = Big Pave.
Is that what Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and the fragile area along the coast needs? Cement, traffic, and trash?


October 9 Agenda for Big Wave:
Owner/Applicant: Big Wave Group/Big Wave Group, LLC
File No.: PLN 2013-00451
Location: Airport Street, Princeton
Assessor’s Parcel No.: 047-311-060 and 047-312-040
Consideration of design review recommendation to allow construction of the Big Wave Wellness Center (4 buildings containing a total of 70,500 sq. ft. and 57 bedrooms for 50 developmentally disabled adults and 20 staff) and Office Park (5 buildings containing a total 189,000 sq. ft. of industrial/office/manufacturing/ storage uses) and associated parking uses, proposed on the undeveloped north parcel (APN 047-311-060). An Outdoor Boat Storage Use is proposed on the undeveloped south parcel (APN 047-312-040) containing 26 boat storage spaces, 27 parking spaces associated with the boat storage use, and a 190 sq. ft. restroom building. The Design Review permit is a part of the County’s review of other associated permits and actions including: a Use Permit for a modern sanitarium, Outdoor Boat Storage Use, and proposed parking uses to be located within the Airport Overlay (AO) Zoning District; a Major Subdivision of the north parcel into seven (7) lots; a Minor Subdivision of the south parcel into two (2) lots; a Grading Permit to perform 735 cubic yards of cut (for utility trenching) and 21,400 cubic yards of fill (gravel import); a Coastal Development Permit, appealable to the California Coastal Commission; and Development Agreement with the County of San Mateo to allow for phasing of project construction over 15 years. This item is continued from the September 11, 2014 meeting.

Big Wave is again on the Coastside Design Review Committee Agenda.
Thursday, October 9, 2014
1:30 p.m.
Half Moon Bay Yacht Club
214 Princeton Avenue, Princeton

Get added to Coastside Design Review meeting agenda by email, click on "Email Updates" at bottom right on this web page

PLEASE, NO HIGH-RISE and big developments on the coast right next to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve! The wildlife there will never survive the influx of cars and people and pets that are proposed for this special marine preserve.

Put the building inland, where there are plenty of empty buildings and building opportunities, as well as folks who need jobs.

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