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Big Bang Theory: Let Your Neighborhood Shine

Despite the Pacifica Police Department's "zero tolerance" approach to Fourth of July illegal fireworks, violations persisted throughout the city. So let's help out our men and women in blue: Which Pacifica neighborhood do you nominate for the best and loudest display of illegal fireworks? The winning neighborhood will receive honorary "citations" — some folks may even be arrested. Cast your vote now!

Photo by Bob Pilgrim


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Let's do bioluminescent displays next year -- it's super quiet -- my pets love it! -- very beautiful, and supports life.

It seemed much less a problem in Sharp Park this year. A few illegal locations but down at least 50% from other years. Don't see any reason to curtail the safe and sane ones any further.

In defense of Pacifica police, I expect that they were doing what they could reasonably do under the circumstances. The draconian measures (probably a thousand ninjas working with the uniformed officers) that would be required to ensure that no illegal fireworks went unpunished would draw as much or more criticism.
I don't really like fireworks very much and I am willing to tolerate a certain amount of what I don't like if I have neighbors who do. There is a reason for the limitations on which fireworks are legal. Nobody has the right to burn down his neighbor's house. The police don't stand a chance without citizens informing them about people using illegal fireworks and accusing them of failure to enforce will not solve the problem.

There is no "enforcement." Let the booms play on.

There were at least two big explosions @ 9pm back of Linda Mar on July 3.

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