Community Consensus: Caltrans' Pedro Point Detour Sucks
Droughtbusters: Save Water by Washing on a Schedule

UPDATE: What Is Fouling San Pedro Creek @ Caltrans Jobsite?

Margaret Goodale's update to the original post (see below):

"I telephoned the RWQCB representative dealing with Caltrans this morning. He emailed me the following information:

'I talked with Caltrans staff today after you and I talked on the phone and they are confident that there was not a fuel spill or any other type of construction related activity that would have caused an "oil slick" in the project area as noted on Pacifica Riptide. Caltrans is required to notify the Water Board of any construction related discharges to waters or wetlands within 24 hours for this project. Since there isn’t sufficient information or photos showing the 'oil slick' from the complainant, it seems any sheen in the water was likely naturally occurring. As we discussed, if you or anyone observing the project notices water quality or wildlife issues, please contact me via email or at the phone number below. If photos and documentation can be provided showing evidence of water quality or wildlife related problems, they greatly help in evaluating if the project is out of compliance with permits or regulations.'

Stan and I also went out to the creek and tracked down two young biological monitors this afternoon. They represent two different companies contracted by Caltrans to monitor and were happy to talk with us. Neither had seen any oil or other contaminant spilled, but independently spoke of biofilms with slimy surfaces that could easily be mistaken for oil, apparently a fairly common occurrence when wetlands are dredged. Both believed they would have been aware of any oil spill."

Original Post: Waterfowl Cry Foul!

At San Pedro Creek bridge in the past few days, in the midst of Caltrans' cleanup of the marshy area where the creek spills into the ocean, a huge oil slick can be seen from the pedestrian walkway. Disgusting. Thought you might be in a position to ruffle some feathers about this. I'm guessing the ducks and other waterfowl that made the marsh their home are pretty ruffled about now. (Eyewitness news reported by Riptide reader "Aich")


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If you need a follow-up, that info is here:

San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board – SFBRWQCB
Regulates water quality in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Contact Information
1515 Clay St Suite 1400
Oakland CA 94612
Phone: (510) 622-2300

Southbound traffic sits for 1-2 miles in Pacifica on Highway 1 because of this project, estimated completion 2016.

How is it one small bridge is going to take almost as much time to build as the Lantos Tunnels? Should we plan on Caltrans going over budget, over time, and under quality? Again?

I sat northbound on Friday afternoon at the left-turn light. While there I counted 20 cars that turned left before the right-turn lane was open because of no pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Pedestrian crossings are usually set up on a parallel-traffic basis. Right now traffic is turning right at this intersection instead of going straight. So why hasn’t Caltrans reprogrammed the light to have a pedestrian-only cycle activated by the button at this light? I believe this will make this a safer crossing for pedestrians and will help move southbound traffic through this intersection.

Just drove through that intersection and you definitely know it is a construction zone now. Sad to hear that they have already had an oil spill, and we are -- what -- one month into the project?

Got photos?

Why am I not surprised. Thank you, Caltrans!

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