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Open Letter to City Council: No Sewer Tax Increase

I understand that Pacifica City Council will vote July 28 on increasing sewer fees 10 percent, with no clear notice provided to citizens, a 10 percent increase compounded annually. This is outrageous. After council just borrowed from the sewer fund, it is a big mistake to try to raise fees again only a month later. The City of Pacifica has already commingled the sewer fund with the General Fund in an attempt to circumvent a vote on increasing taxes.

Pacificans spoke loud and clear when they said they are against sneaky tactics to increase taxes. This is just sneaky, in my opinion. The wording on the "notice" printed in the Pacifica Tribune was misleading; nowhere did it state the amount or that this clearly is an increase. Very sneaky. This is not sufficient or proper notice to citizens of a fee increase. I believe there will be a lawsuit if council approves this burdensome increase. I urge Council to vote NO on this unfair measure. Here are council members' email addresses:



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Subverting the intent of Prop. 218 by using a three-year time frame has Len's and Mary Ann's fingerprints all over it. Since these two have been together on City Council, the public has been cut out of the process. Remember Measure V! Remember the plunder of the Sewer Fund! It is time to end the Council of Two by removing Len in this next election.

I agree with Lionel: Where in hell is the money going? Follow the money and find out. Also, where did other funds' money end up?

Just an addendum to what I said below: This year's increase will be 2.9 percent, 2015-16 will be 2.94 percent, and 2016-17 will be 4.11 percent. The reason that they are voting on three years' increase in one vote is to get around Prop. 218's requirement for noticing property owners each year for an increase. This way, they have to send out only one notice with three years' increases.

If you don't like this sort of thing, an election year is the best time to make your voice (and written protests) heard.

addendum to my comment -

Yo! Set a riptide, are we not civic to new era edit pirates, oy!

Alan, I hear what you're saying. I need to self-censor my comments to ensure we have a wider range of opinion. Purity of the opinion pool is now maintained. We are safe to swim, lifeguard on duty.

I believe that Bob is wrong about the percentage amount of increase.
My reading of the city's docs showed a 2.9 percent increase. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me, but that's what I think I read.

This is NOT to say that the increase is reasonable, nor that the whole sewage utility fund isn't a black hole into which OUR money is being dumped wholesale. We need explanation and clarity on where the hell this large amount of money is going.

Pacifica pays either the second- or third-highest sewage rates in San Mateo County. Why is that? Comparative charts from other cities' agenda packets show this, and they should be included in Pacifica's council packets for the public to see.

Linty, that's the kind of comment I find is so prevalant on FixPacifica, dismissive of those whose views you occasionally (or often) disagree with, even when they're agreeing with you.

I think Bob hit the nail on the head.

Demanding purity of opinion just makes for a very small echo chamber, and I'd hate to see John's site go that way.

Seriously, is this the same Bob Hutchinson who argues so vociferously in favor of the Council's "sneaky tactics" to stifle public comment on highway widening?

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