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Pacificapedia: Local Wiki NOT Written by Bots

With the budget, general plan, and the San Pedro Creek bridge in the news lately, I thought this might be of interest to readers seeking more information about these subjects.

I've begun a SLOW reorganization of how the information is presented on Pacifica Index. I completed my goal of converting council, committee, and commission info into a more accessible format than what the City of Pacifica provides, but I find that it continues to be much more difficult to locate information on Pacifica Index than I would prefer.

To this end, I've begun building a wiki called: Pacificapedia

The material is searchable and includes data from across multiple city departments and sources, supplemented with my own research, analysis, and occasional on-scene reporting (snapping pictures and taking video with my camera phone).

(1) It's small right now. Like, really, REALLY small, but I thought it may be of use to some readers now. God knows how long this entire project will take, and if I wait until the entire thing is complete, the sun may burn out first. I've been trying to add at least one subject a week, but it's really slow going. So far, I have pages on the following subjects:

Budget, Annual
Budget, Mid-Year Review
City Finances
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
General Plan
General Plan, Housing Element
General Plan Environmental Impact Report
General Plan Outreach Committee
Junior Olympics
Linda Mar Boulevard Repaving
Local Coastal Land Use Plan
Measure A; "Transportation Tax" (June 7, 1988 & November 2, 2004)
Measure V; "Utility Users' Tax" (November 5, 2013)
Parks, Beaches and Recreation Department
PLAY Activity Guide
San Pedro Creek Bridge
Utility Users' Tax (November 5, 2013 Ballot Measure)

(2) The site is slow. It works, but it's slow. I don't know if this is my webhost or my database. Probably both. Things will get faster eventually, but for now the site requires a little patience.

(3) The site is "nonpartisan." Yes, I have my own strongly held views on issues, but Pacificapedia is not the place for them. Information and analysis only, here.

I'll continue to keep Pacifica Index up to date and continue to index City Council agendas on an ongoing basis. Please let me know if you spot any errors. If you'd like, in the comments below you can indicate which subjects you'd like me to tackle next on Pacificapedia.

I hope Riptide readers find Pacificapedia useful. I've spent a LOT of time on it and I'm pleased with how it's been coming along. Thanks for reading.

Editor & Publisher, Pacifica Index


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Good job, Chris. Thanks for your hard work on this and PI. Maybe you should offer to help the city redo its website, which is impossible to search.

Thanks to Chris Fogel for creating and maintaining the Pacificapedia. It is an excellent resource for anyone interested in understanding and following Pacifica government. Many Pacifica residents care deeply about our city and are actively involved in public discourse. This resource enables a more informed public and more transparency in the government. All good things. Right on, Chris.

Pacifica palindrome lovers would like to assist in the effort so that their business cards will read: "Aide, Pacificapedia"

Chris Fogel is THE most awesome...note how the General Plan committee FUNCTION changed...just ONE thing of note....Hence, the "gatherers" of input had NO ROLE in evaluating the data & how that was or was NOT included in the General Plan "update"...jus' sayin'

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