Better Late Than Never: 7-Eleven Spruces Up
BlueMountain Buys DOCHS, Including Seton Hospital


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Google maps street view even shows someone doing the work.,+Pacifica,+CA+94044/@37.6345532,-122.4920393,3a,15y,106.35h,84.93t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sZrKkGWsV8-KoED-A3mqMHg!2e0!,-122.492039!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x808f7a555ed2cbcb:0x6bee5b6174bb0634!6m1!1e1

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Brat, yes, my thoughts went to the fact that the people who had illegally taken up residence in the building may not have known they were illegally living there. We don't know everyone's story. What about the neighbor whose job it is to save young lives, who lost sleep, and his patients could have suffered from the disregard these people had for their neighbors? Which is right? Should we have waited until someone was injured or hurt because of code violations or blatant disregard for common sense when it came to where to use a grill. They had numerous warnings regarding noise and the grill.

Half a block away is the Resource Center and it could help people find proper housing. Even Section 8 housing requires dwellings to be inspected.

I suspect due to this situation that anyone who signed a rental agreement should be able to get out of it and get money back, as well as incurred cost due to misrepresentation by the landlord and entering an agreement under false pretenses.

Bradley, as much as your intentions may be to legitimately use your unit, many were not properly using the units. Your beef is with the landlord, who illegally rented out units as residential spaces, and to the fools who thought it a great idea to throw BBQs, drink, and have loud conversations no less than 6 feet from 5 bedrooms, and one primary entrance. Blame the landlord for causing a concern to the neighbors regarding all the construction by never posting permits for the work that was done -- and more than likely he never even pulled permits for any of the work done. We don't know, because we never even saw any permits. And that's not to mention the repeated violations of noise ordinances by construction starting too early or going too late. Or the fact that some of the people he hired to do the work (he didn't do it all himself, as permitted) were some pretty shady-looking characters.

For your information, the building had a few units rented when the current owner bought the building. One business, moderately successful and highly esteemed by the neighborhood, could have stayed. But after having multiple dealings with the new owner, they opted to close up shop because they had concerns over the new owner.

We, the neighbors, wish nothing more than for the building and the lot to be cleaned up, properly landscaped, and return to being a successful commercial building. But the building construction needs to be properly permitted, businesses need to be properly licensed, and codes need to be followed. Compromising the safety and quality of life for residential neighbors and property owners is unacceptable.
The building is a C-1 zoned building, i.e., a NEIGHBORHOOD commercial building, meaning it is amid a residential zone. There are codes and laws to be followed. Never in my almost 20 years of living here have I known any legitimate businesses in those buildings to try to turn the alley into a construction zone by day and party zone by night. There is ample space in the parking lot for legal construction work to be done, in a way that would have been less disruptive to the neighbors. Even neighbors not living directly next to the building were starting to voice concern over what was going on with the building.
I have no idea what your lease is, but I might suggest that if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

It's amazing how heartless the neighborhood people are. Have you not thought about the people who lived there and signed rental agreements, who are now homeless. This situation is horrible. To know that there were tenants living there paying this guy rent and now scrabbling to find a place to live. Have you thought of how much money they have given this guy and how much may not be returned. How about if they were there with kids. This is an unfortunate situation and instead of pulling together as a community to help the poor victims who live there not knowing there were no permits, you blame them. That's just rude and ignorant.

I went into a rental agreement the first of this month expecting for this unit to be fixed up this month. My understanding was that it would be completely painted and trees planted and back area re-fenced. The insides of 4 units out of 5 are complete. I arrived to the community very excited and eager to meet the neighborhood. I visited a few businesses and met a few neighbors. I informed them of what's going on and what I may do in my unit. As a certified licensed therapist, I own and operate a successful massage practice in the heart of San Francisco's Financial District at Union Square. I purchased the biggest unit, aiming to open new office space for tech operations in hopes to be near the ocean and enjoy life. I never pictured this, and I have done nothing wrong and would be happy to start a neighborhood watch program in hopes to be involved more in the community and the community in me. I was not interested in paying for a business L unit. I painted and hung shelves and the unit was complete. Any business owner knows you can't make money when your business space looks rough. I would not have my clients there nor rent out office space. This not easy for anyone; we all put big money down and now we wait! The landlord will complete the permits needed for us to move forward. All tenants are kind and excited like I am to be a part of the Pacifica community. I'm very sorry there is much tension with this unit. It is beautiful inside, safe and a dream for most of us to have as business owners. Thank you for your time!


That is why Pacifica needs to turn the police department over to the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office. They know who the crack and meth dealers are and will shut them down one by one. Our small-town police department doesn't have the resources to truly clean up the city. Being that most current police department employees would transfer over to the Sheriff's Office, the merger would be seamless.

The status quo of giving chippy speeding tickets, harassing the youth way of law enforcement hasn't worked for 30-plus years.

I'm not blaming our officers but blaming the list of priorities handed down from City Hall to our police department.

Our police department is understaffed but still about 25-35 percent of Pacifica' s yearly budget.

Ya, great. The city red-tags this useless, clean building while I live near a crack house that has been a SEVERE problem for years. Looks like pure hell, and you want to talk about garbage!!!!!!
Transients, dealers, and homeless, all hours. Driving in and out of the neighborhood and top speeds all day and night. But red-tag it?? That would be crazy!!! We need more overpriced ugly homes built!!!!! This city has had the worst leadership and policies for the past 25 years I've been here. But noooooooo, grease a few palms and toss up buildings on substandard lots all you want, all year long!! (I won't start with any names.)
Get a grip, Pacifica ! Seriously. Use my damn tax money right. (I don't just have one property here, so I PAY taxes!)
What a JOKE.

Interesting side note: This appears to be the building where Pacifica's first cannabis dispensary opened up, which the police chief, mayor, and county supervisor stumbled upon on a mayor's walk. It was closed down a while later, only to eventually pop up in another part of town.

Fortunately, the economy is on your side and anyone paying off the note on that building would likely pay it off twice as fast with commercial space than residential space.

I check Riptide frequently; bump this up when it's scheduled to go in front of the Planning Commission, assuming it doesn't get settled in a less formal manner.

Thanks again, 1905 neighbor.

Re the BBQ, this was brought in by the "tenants" who moved in a few weeks ago. I have lived here almost 20 years and I have never seen any legitimate business in that building think that having an open flame in the collapsing wooden alley designed for trash as a good idea. Let alone the idea of how unsanitary it had to be to cook and eat in that alley.
As far as I know, no one with any legitimate business license has occupied the building since last fall.
It took a few weeks for the city to be able to do anything. They initially approached the tenants, who clammed up and then started to be more stealthy about their actions, except when it came to hanging out and barbecuing in the alley and discussing their lack of business licenses and if they should get licensed.
The sign in the front window announcing a "Coming Soon" Reiki massage business was only hung after the code enforcer started sniffing around. Also, suddenly appeared "signs" announcing future businesses in the occupied units. And by "signs" I mean torn pieces of scrap paper and some business card for a massage therapist.
It took the city a couple of weeks to shut this down, as they had to gather evidence to legitimize the shutdown. But thankfully they have finally done so. And here is hoping they keep a closer eye on the building from now on. Lord knows there are many neighbors at this point who will be watching the place like hawks, and at this point have no hesitation to report any shenanigans at that property.

"No need" -- we didn't suffer in silence. We initially made complaints regarding the early a.m. and late-night construction noise when they were demo-ing the interior. The city responded with fines for work without permit, and then issued a permit that the owner could do work without a contract license because he was doing the work himself. He posted this INSIDE. Sure, we might have let this go on longer than it should have, but we also figured the city was already onto the guy and would be keeping an eye on it, as the guy was clearly ignorant of the permit process or just dumb and brazen, and the planning and zoning department is a mere block away. A two-minute walk was all it would have taken to check on this building.
After the initial demo, there was a spell of silence from the building, with sporadic days of construction, usually a Saturday or Sunday. And I personally debated reporting the work, especially since it often violated hours of construction noise ordinances, but when it came to this, it was usually a day or hour that City Hall was closed.
It wasn't until the recent bout of "tenants" moved in that the real, consistent problem began. There were multiple complaints filed for code violations, due to residents living in a commercial building.
The initial response I got when I went and filed a complaint was: "Do you really want to file a complaint?" YES I DO. "Well, I will warn you, the inspector may not be able to do anything." WHAT?! So when this response was reported to other neighbors, they walked the whole block and filed complaints.

Thanks @No need to suffer in silence:

I'm glad they finally cleaned up that form!

A week ago it looked like this, all lopsided and re-photocopied a thousand times:

A little tip to anyone filing a Code Enforcement Complaint.

Complaints are prioritized by how much work it takes to determine if there is a violation, so if you have a long complaint with five sub-complaints and a technical or legal argument, it could take months to address.

Instead, break your one large complaint into five individual complaints (five different forms) that are simple will get three of them addressed immediately while the two remaining complaints are researched for months.

Case in point:
The 7-Elevens at Manor & Sharp Park had multiple code enforcement complaints against them in the past month that:
1. Pulled the cigarette/vaporizer signs off the sidewalks.
2. Cleaned up the trash around the neighborhood.
3. Removed the three outdoor kiosks from the perimeter of the building.
4. Replaced the handicapped-parking spots.

Without those complaints, the Planning Department takes no action.

Per records requests made by contributors, there are also pending actions being researched to require the Manor location (whose franchisee is already licensed to run any 700 Hickey Boulevard location) to add the three trashcans required on its properties and replant the landscaping it is required to have "for the life of its permits," but Planning Department has not made public that determination yet.

Thanks, 1905, so were the tenants actually living there barbecuing or was the "BBQ/kitchen" part of a business?

One of the units almost appears to be a medical office?

When you see something like this, fill out a code enforcement form and email the code enforcement agent. You can find the forms and contact info here:

He is doing a good job. Time to take our city back from those who want to ruin it.

Good riddance to the people who were there. They were disruptive to the neighborhood. The building has never been a shining jewel, but since the new owner bought it last fall, things have gotten worse. He initially gutted the building without permit and was dumb enough to get caught and fined because of all the noise complaints about a non-licensed crew starting work at 6 a.m. Since then, we the neighbors have seen zero permits posted and have been subjected to all sorts of construction noise, which again often went well past the legal hours to do so.
It has gone on since last fall. At one point, an exterior door was moved 5 feet -- no permit in site. Mind you, this all occurred less than a block from City Hall and somehow they seemed to notice nothing.
Another time they added a slew of vents to the back of the building. Neighbors all asked why. Were they planning a laundromat? Maybe an illegal grow or manufacturing activity? No one knew.
Then these "tenants" moved in, set up a BBQ/kitchen in the dilapidated old wooden alley, meant for concealing the trash bins. It was a tinderbox and hazard for people to be under already, but the "tenants" thought it wise to put open flame there and have parties. Mind you, this is within less than 6 feet of three legal residential dwellings.
Many neighbors started to be concerned for the safety of the neighborhood as well as the safety of the people living in the building.

Kind of interesting that under "Inspector ID/Agency" where you'd expect to see a badge number or a name and some indication of whether it's city, county, state, or federal, it just says "Building Official".

It's my best guess that means City of Pacifica Planning Department.

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