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California Communities Shed PG&E


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San Bruno Mayor Jim Ruane demanded yesterday that PUC Commissioner Mike Florio resign over an "improper and possibly corrupt relationship" with PGE."

Ruane stated he would demand that Governor Jerry Brown remove Florio.

All government-approved monopolies at all levels should be required to renew contracts at no more than five-year intervals and should be open to competitive bidding at such times.

We need an open bidding process for the solid waste disposal contract, read, garbage contract. The opportunity was missed when Coastside Scavenger bankrupted. The City Council was scared into a bad contract -- oh, we're gonna cover the streets in garbage -- BS!

As of this moment, we also pay some of the highest garbage rates in the county through Recology.

Its contract expires in December 2017 and the City of Pacifica should put this contract up for competitive bid.

I am a businessman. If I were to guess wrong and/or my business model were to become obsolete, I would just be out of luck and that would be perfectly fair even if it was disappointing. That needs to be true of PG&E, Comcast, big oil, big banks, and all the other big corporations that fully expect to be GUARANTEED fabulous profits.

Great find, Riptide. I was not aware of this.

The San Mateo County Office of Sustainability (which does a lot of other things including running the Aging in Place program) is doing a huge push to allow consumers to buy energy produced by the method of their choice.

PG&E, like Recology, has a legally maintained monopoly, but its unit cost of delivering a kilowatt the last leg to consumers is nominal.

The State of California is trying to make green energy price-competitive so it can stand on its own without subsidies, and this won't help.

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