Ocean Shore Railroad's Troubled History
KGO-TV Consumer Action Helps Pacifica Couple Replace Recalled Stove

Federal Judge Rules Caltrans Violated Environmental Law on Highway 1 Plan

S.F. Chronicle Story

PH1A Release


CBD Release

Caltrans violated the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in its proposal to widen Highway 1. The sin of omission! Now Caltrans may give up on the widening project altogether. See the news video at the CBS/KPIX link above.

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1,000 thanks to all involved.

Nice work by the attorneys.
In addition to the main points, I also like the court's hit on proposed offsite mitigations as vague and speculative. Offsite mitigation, in general, is a major scuzzy way for developers and government to legally rationalize net losses to the natural environment. Habitat conservation plans usually include this innumerate maneuver. Note that the developer's scheme for the quarry proposes artificial creation of a mitigation area to offset damage by projects being done elsewhere.

sfgate.com did a story inaccurately stating the project was "formally approved in 2013".

The public overwhelmingly oppose Caltrans' proposed widening -- which would bring economic hardship and environmental destruction, with a loss of quality of life and value of homes.

Video of the KPIX Channel 5 news story is now up on the CBS News Story link, above.

"Caltrans falsely represented that the permanent impacts to the species would be offset by preservation of a 5.14-acre City of Pacifica parcel north of the wastewater treatment plant. The problem, the Judge found, was that the Pacifica parcel is already protected. So Caltrans, with the approval of the Fish and Wildlife Service, was double dipping with that piece of land. The plaintiffs’ attorneys presented internal Caltrans memos showing that Caltrans had already caught the mistake before submitting the Biological Assessment but withheld this information from the Fish and Wildlife Service."

Caltrans -- one of the most lawless public agencies in this state.

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