Technology Brings Hope, Then Grief
"No on W" Donates Campaign Funds to Pacifica Resource Center


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As time passes, false statements, many in the form of generalities that have notable exceptions, used in the rewriting of history, become more numerous and dominant. To name just the more obvious ones stated or strongly implied in the Review article:

1. "All roads" did not lead to the twin tunnels. The campaign for Measure T, which was to change the LCP and not to dictate a tunnel option to the absolute exclusion of all other possibilities, clearly promoted a single tunnel, not two. Even at that, major bypass opponents of many decades' duration, including Nancy Maule of Montara, did not endorse Measure T.

2. So, support for what morphed into the twin tunnels was far from unanimous among those who opposed the inland bypass. Many of us involved in trying to prevent the grossly inappropriate bypass and who somewhat reluctantly worked for Measure T as a compromise we could live with felt screwed by the county, Caltrans, and urban environmentalist combine that dismissed, out of hand, consideration of a stable highway on the existing route and agreed to the grossly oversized twin tunnel project during what may be best described as backroom meetings following the passage of Measure T. The process was most certainly not a transparent one subject to public scrutiny. Whether or not it would have passed anyway, the vote would not have been 3 to 1 in favor of changing the LCP to take away the bypass as the preferred option if the full twin tunnel project, as it was eventually forced on the route, had been what was voted on. One can only speculate whether or not a still somewhat destructive, more than doubly sized, more than triply expensive project would have garnered anywhere near the same enthusiasm for gathering signatures to put the measure on the ballot or for the Measure T campaign.

3. Tom Lantos was never a champion of alternatives to the bypass nor was he a figure in the campaign for Measure T. In fact, he, at one time, had gained approval of some federal emergency funds for the bypass project, using some erroneous information in his justification. Once the vote on T had been made, he jumped in and got far too much federal money for the county/Caltrans/environmentalist scam, thus encouraging the financial waste and environmental damage involved.

4. The linear asphalt park on the old, abandoned highway is a two-lane road that does not begin to resemble a hiking trail. Only a totally blindered urban mindset could claim it as such. To claim it is one of the best hiking trails in the Bay Area is simply to display ignorance of many trails in our region.

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