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Alternative Chamber of Commerce

Local guru of good taste, Swami Umami visualizes a small-business group focused on products and services not related to real estate and development. This includes one-man/one-woman operations, mom-and-pop shops, creative artists, writers, musicians, printers, chefs, craft workers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and freelancers seeking an independent, progressive organization to represent their unique needs and interests. If you are interested, email your contact information to mayburrito at and we will transmit it to the swami. Don't worry about your privacy; the swami has absolutely zero connections with the Trump administration.


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So what happened to the taxpayer-funded position of "economic development?" Ms. Stedmayer, was it? Since we're paying her, what exactly has been accomplished in filling the empty storefronts?

Of course, with landlords like Kimco, greed and big-city rents are the main problem. An inflated sense of worth is what's on offer.

I'd love to see a group working to fill some of the many vacant commercial spaces around town.

Yeah, a business group that actually helps local business would be a novel idea. We haven't had one in years. Count me as interested as well.

Welcome, Linda, you are now part of a dialogue with a half-dozen other Pacificans looking for a better kind of chamber experience. We will meet soon, details to come. Thanks for stirring my velvet curtain. Schwinggg!

I'm interested because I am precisely the type of business you describe -- one-woman show, Headley Office Services (secretarial, notary, typing, bookkeeping, property management, proofreading services), that has been in business more than 38 years and a member of the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce for 37 years. I am not so sure that they are doing much for my type of business, and I am interested in what this potential new group can do to help us small one- or two-person businesses. Also, my husband is a one-man show, Windshield Wizard (mobile windshield repair), and the chamber really doesn't do anything that helps his business, either. We both still advertise in the chamber directory, but we're not so sure that's very effective anymore, either. So count us in. We're interested.

This is a good idea -- tell Swami Umami to come out from behind his/her velvet curtain and have a viable conversation about it. I'm interested in hearing more -- I'm open 11-6 every day but Monday at Yonder.

I'd join in a minute if I were still in business in Pacifica. Over 30 years ago a few of us had a similar thought in the midcoast, but it never got beyond a cafe roundtable. We even included a couple of real estate sales people who were anti-overdevelopment and against the bypass and Westinghouse.

I like this idea! Count me in!

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