Federal Disaster Aid Loans for San Mateo County


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Dan, FYI. Semyon Dukach: angel investor, entrepreneur, and member of the MIT blackjack team:

Sharp-eyed readers have tipped us that top 2016 Pacifica City Council race donor Semyon Dukach ($9,000) is the new owner of 1 Higgins Way, at APN 023350040. 1 Higgins Way does not appear to be part of the City of Pacifica and may need to be annexed to hook up to municipal utilities.

The initial confusion was related to the misspelling of "Dukash" on the October 2016 financial disclosures.


Ms. Vaterlaus, what does the Code of Federal Regulations have to do with Pacifica? Easy answer. It doesn't.

Hereabouts, when you see SAMCEDA (formerly SAMCDA, the "E" was added some years ago as lipstick on the pig), SAMCAR, and chambers of commerce taking part in an election, you know an attempt to buy votes for overdevelopment and overpopulation is going on.

This is what I have been saying for the past two years. Mike O'Neill, Karen Ervin, and now Sue Vaterlaus are all in SAMCAR's and
out-of-town Realtors' pockets. They are desperately trying to keep rent control and rent stabilization out of Pacifica. If they cared for the community, they would never have ALLOWED PACIFIC SKIES ESTATES TO DO A MASS EVICTION! No community this size would allow that to happen. Remember that in a political contribution there is always PAYBACK required. The community suffers because that is who REALLY PAYS BACK! At least Lorie Tinfow is gone. She got stopped in her PAYBACK to PSE, thanks to the CCC realizing the illegal permit was being given for a BOGUS remodel when it was NEW CONSTRUCTION that was secretly being done!!!
LOOK CLOSELY AT WHAT IS GOING ON at Planning Commission and City Council meetings. Pay attention
to TINA WEHRMEISTER, DIRECTOR OF PLANNING, and her so-called staff reporting. She denied due process and an environmental impact report that are city ordinances.

It should be pointed out that Pacifica is likely headed for a rent control ballot measure either this November or next. Expect the National Association of Realtors to pour even more money into that contest.

Was Nihart paid to develop (failed) Fassler?

Why would the National Association of Realtors spend $76,408 on the Pacifica City Council race? They must be expecting a return on their investment.

Mike O'Neill received a large amount of money -- indirectly -- in terms of support in his last run for office. Mass mailings were paid for by the Realtors@ group/lobbying organization. I thought at the time that this was the first time this had happened in a local election, but I was wrong -- Ms. Nihart had received money from this special-interest group well before that. Thanks to Pacifica.city for unearthing that.

Real estate interests need to be tamped down -- way down -- in local decision-making. The financial interest of these folks is evident. Renters need protection. I used to be one.

The Code of Federal Regulations defined independent expenditure as an expenditure for a communication "expressly advocating the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate that is not made in cooperation, consultation, or concert with, or at the request or suggestion of, a candidate, a candidate’s authorized committee, or their agents, or a political party or its agents." 11 CFR 100.16(a).[3] The term was first introduced in the Code of Federal Regulations in 2003[4].
Sierra Club can do it too.

Note not made in cooperation with the candidate.

Peter, my question was: Did the YES on W people contribute to the San Mateo County Realtors, California Realtors, etc., the people who funded so many postcards for two of the candidates. I could wallpaper an entire wall with them -- not the specific two candidates, because that would be disclosed (at least we hope). But if he contributed to the PACs, to help fund those candidates indirectly, wouldn't that be interesting, no?

Julie, to answer your question, yes, there is a way to see if the quarry developer contributed to council candidates. You just have to look at the campaign filings for the quarry and the council candidates. I don't think any quarry money found its way to council candidates, though. But I don't think it matters much. The quarry developer spent three-quarters of a million bucks –120 times as much money as the No On W campaign – and lost by a 2-1 landslide.

At the same time, Sue Vaterlaus received contributions of $65,262, most of it from out-of-town real estate interests, compared to $16,683 received by Deirdre Martin. Vaterlaus was the top vote-getter by a margin of 657 votes, but received 4 times as much in contributions as Martin. Did all that money buy those votes?

If Pacifica elections are going to be determined by huge amounts of outside real estate money, that's a different election game for Pacifica and not one that I think most Pacificans support.

Todd's question is relevant, too. What about Mike O'Neill's campaign? Was it largely funded by outside real estate interests? Somebody could ask to see those campaign filings.

I wonder if any of the Quarry owner's money found its way to the real estate PACs. When people were attacking Martin and the NOBYs over the Nihart withdrawal, I asked on NextDoor and in a letter to the Tribune if any of those PAC-supported candidates would be willing to give up the PAC money. Sue Vaterlaus said No on NextDoor. My point was that nobody would need an endorsement from the Democrats, which made it a partisan election, if the candidates like Martin and Duffy had a level playing field.
I am glad to see the article. Getting back to my original question: Is there a way to see if the Quarry development team contributed to the real estate funds?

What about O'Neill?

Wow, I knew the realtors spent a lot, but I didn't know that they were mostly out of town and I never imagined they spent twice as much as everyone else combined! This is a huge story and needs to be seen by as many voters as possible.

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