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Kirsten: Thanks for the info! We live in a shady part of Rockaway and have been repeatedly turned down for solar. Try calling any of the solar companies, and they'll ask for your address and look it up on Google Earth. At that point, they can pretty much tell you if they can do solar for you or not. I do wish there was an alternative energy option for those of us in these types of locations.

Thank you, Riptide, for posting this. Peninsula Clean Energy is offering all San Mateo County residents 5% savings on the electricity generation portion of their PG&E bills. This is also for cleaner energy: 50% renewable energy (for ECOplus), compared to PG&E's 30%.

My husband Mike and I have been feeling the recent pain of higher energy bills recently, and from reading Next Door we can tell others have, too. Most of our increase is in natural gas for heating because it's been a cold, wet winter. I've seen some confusion from people thinking PCE is driving higher rates -- it's not. PG&E raised its rates significantly over the past year. Peninsula Clean Energy, on the other hand, actually saves you money.

We live in a shady location in Vallemar, and are not sure solar panels would pencil out for us. We chose to opt in early to PCE and opt up to 100% renewable energy, which is another option PCE offers. It costs next to nothing, about $2.50/month. For 100% renewable energy! I find it incredible that this is so easy -- a really simple action to take for Earth Day.

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