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The only use of sewage treatment plant funds other than expected that I have heard of was the loan taken from the fund to pay off some pension obligations early. Presuming they can pay back on schedule, I think that was a good move, as the pension obligations are killing the budget.

What other instance of "diverting sewer funds to the city General Fund" do you know of?

The City of Pacifica sewer fund is primarily funded by increases to our sewer rates (fees based on our drinking water consumption) by issuing notices and holding hearings regulated under "The Right to Vote on Taxes Act" (Proposition 218), which specifies how government bodies can raise taxes, assessments, and fees. The city's practice of diverting sewer funds to the city General Fund may be in violation of Prop. 218, Chapter XIII D, Section 6 (b)(2) on Fees, which reads: "Revenues derived from the fee or charge shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which the fee or charge was imposed." Note the use of the word "shall": Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not allowed. Periodic independent audits of sewer system operations and funding are desperately needed. All independent audit reports must be made available for public review, especially before another sewer rate increase is staring us in the face.

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