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Pacifica Playschool Sues Anonymous Yelp Poster(s)

Pacifica Playschool at 630 Hickey Boulevard and its owner Suzanne Wheeler Johnson have filed a lawsuit in San Mateo County Superior Court alleging false and malicious reviews on the Yelp website, submitted on two occasions by poster "CT T", including statements that employees were seen smoking marijuana at Playschool. Johnson is suing Yelp poster(s) "John/Jane Doe(s)" for libel, lost income, and emotional distress, and has asked for trial by jury:


In an unrelated 2016 complaint about the playschool, state investigators found no basis or support for the complaint:


Case management conference, September 21 at 9 a.m. Case number 17CIV02219.


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Suzanne Wheeler and her family are longtime daycare providers in Pacifica. I have gone to events at her facility and found the surroundings and child evolvement to be first rate. I have also served on committees with Suzanne and know of her time and involvement with many city organizations. On a personal note, I know a small child who had such severe mental and physical disabilities that many family members had somewhat given up on the child. Suzanne personally worked with the child constantly, and due to her efforts the child walks today. This dedication to the care of children does not lend itself to allowing employees to smoke marijuana while being responsible for the care of other parents' children. On a side note, my manicurist received all five-star ratings until someone badmouthed her operation on Yelp, writing that "she could not be squeezed in" for just a polish change because "she [the operator] must have enough customers and didn't care." No, my manicurist cares about keeping to her schedule and not inconveniencing her longtime clients, which is why she receives the five-star ratings.

Yelp is one of the worst developments of the tech age. People who know nothing are more than eager to share their idiocy with everyone else. And it's crooked as hell; businesses that pay the ransom get their reviews cleaned up. Business owners hate the site, for obvious reasons.

I assume there is available technology that could trace the anonymous Yelp postings. But is there a legal avenue in a civil -- not criminal -- case that would require Yelp to cooperate with technicians in doing so?

Generically, does the State of California require preschools to drug-test their employees?

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