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Shame on Caltrans: Highway 1 Still Dirty & Dangerous

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The lead item in my Pacifica Tribune column of June 21 (click link above) called on Caltrans to clean up the unsafe stretch of Highway 1 between Linda Mar and the Tom Lantos Tunnels at Devil's Slide. Trash, weeds, leaves, tree branches, rocks, and mud on the PAVED shoulders endanger motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The day after my column came out, Caltrans mowed some grass and weeds alongside the highway, particularly those blocking the WELCOME TO PACIFICA sign, but it still hasn't cleared the paved shoulders. Please join me in bringing pressure on Caltrans to finish the job. A phone call or email to your city, county, and state elected representatives might help.


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Pacifica palindrome lovers say we can't expect Caltrans to keep the highway clean when the agency cannot even sneeze and fart at the same time: "Snart* lacks; tsk, Caltrans."


Thanks to Chris Porter for sharing our community concerns with county officials. We hope they will be able to get Caltrans to finish the job on Highway 1. The worst area is the downhill (northbound) paved shoulder (the bike lane) most of which is blocked by leaves, debris, mud, and rocks. This is incredibly dangerous for bicyclists and motorists heading downhill, a major accident waiting to happen. I know Caltrans has pickup trucks equipped with plows. Just one pass up and down that stretch of highway could clear those bike lanes. Then schedule it for periodic cleanups to keep the highway safe for everyone. With the PARCA bike event coming up, this needs to be done ASAP.

I contacted San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley's office as well as San Mateo County Public Works, and know both groups are working on a quick resolution. To emphasize need for a quick response, I forwarded excerpts from NextDoor.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you, Chris. This is the kind of proactive citizen response that these community blogs count on.)

Residents should absolutely escalate these safety issues by engaging our elected officials. With the death of Richard Moss, this is an appropriate time to shed light on the condition of Highway 1.


KPIX 5 did an excellent special on the Bay Bridge fiasco. We received half a bridge for eight times the cost.

From Arnold The Terminator to little old ladies in Oakland submitting design plans, everyone had their beaks in this project.

The old Bay Bridge steel was sold to China also. We made China rich while being $20 trillion in debt.

Some Pacificans sued Caltrans over widening Highway 1. Do they realize that when you call them to pick up the trash, they just laugh!!

Oh, and they say, "Not the Pacificans again."

What's the difference between Caltrans' secret society and City Council's secret society?

Stupid Caltrans making bridges with foreign steel. Do we really want to trust this closed secret society with any more public money?

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