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Pacifica Couple Die in San Jose Motorcycle Crash


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Bullies post the same way they drive. What do you expect with the moral tone set by The Bully in Chief!

Chris, I've deactivated my NextDoor account. I've been doxed by people with viewpoints that differ from mine. I've seen bullying on message boards before when people used nics instead of their real names. When I saw how people choose to interact under their real names, with people who know where they live, and still are as ugly as one can be -- time to get out of Dodge. It is the Wild West. It's very sad.

As far as fireworks -- I'm in east Sharp Park, near Eureka Square. The cops were called by all members of our household at various points from Friday on, but nothing happened to deter the M-80s and bottle rockets. I wonder if any cops were at the parties as guests.

Update from a very reliable source: nine (9) tickets handed out for illegal fireworks.

According to this morning's issue of the San Mateo Daily Journal, the San Bruno Police Dept. issued 22 citations for illegal fireworks.

This year was the worst ever from my point of view. Fireworks debris fell from the skies all over the yard and roof. The explosive power of many could be felt through our feet. Our dog went completely nuts, of course, and was unconsolable despite being tranqed. We didn't see a single police officer along our street despite several neighbors launching stuff into the air all evening.

And speaking of "neighbors," it was unbelievably depressing to see the lack of respect and the dearth of common decency on display via NextDoor about illegal fireworks. Something about the subject brings out horrible qualities in people.

All this is to say I am completely done with Pacifica and its Fourth of July and its Zero Tolerance bullshit. From now on we're packing up and leaving for the week. Pacifica can have its spasm of self-destructive violence without us. Good riddance.

We'll have to wait for the official report from the city to know how many citations were issued. Per PPD's own social media post, they were given many addresses of annual offenders well in advance of the 4th. PPD planned on sending in officers with help from other agencies, too. The fire log showed multiple medical calls, one structure/house fire, downed power lines, and multiple trash fires (last year, hooligans lit many garbage cans on fire and it appears there was a repeat performance). The PPD log shouldn't list citations issued by plainclothes officers or officers patrolling an area not listed on the dispatch report. It will be interesting to see if the ordinance made an impact.

1 arrest.

1 illegal fireworks ticket.

I had heard that the big booms had moved into people's backyards for cover from the eyes of law enforcement after the fine was instituted years ago. So the logic of the new ordinance is to increase the risk for property owners/renters. If the cops are able to hand out a few more $1,000 fines, the word may get out and reduce the idiocy, but it's going to take time and enforcement. Happy Hunting, PPD!

Well done, PPD. How about a drone squad that can ultimately identify the multiple launch sites? But I imagine that most folks launch from the street, not their yards.

After a recent night of repeated disturbed sleep for hundreds of neighbors in the middle of the night due to firecrackers, I called PPD to ask if they'd enforce the fireworks law, and they said yes, if they can find the perpetrator.

Unfortunately, fireworks isn't a one-day matter, and we hear them mostly at night for maximum annoyance. Some animals freak at the noise. Don't see why Pacifica tolerates this.
So if ya hear something, call PPD at 738-7314 and your neighbors and pets will thank you.

This is another example of how the new City Council majority is doing the work we elected them to do. Past councils sat on their hands whilst Pacifica burned. The Fireworks Task Force/Committee met in vain as a cover for council's inaction. Good job, people!

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