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To Measure C supporters: I'd like a Yes on C sign, lawn size will do.

G is for ganja (or gage, a 1920s jazz musician term for marijuana).

Strategically, the letter "G" to represent Pacifica's marijuana ballot measure seems like a good selection; opponents of the measure likely will link it to "Gateway drug."

The Pacifica Community Preservation, Rent Stabilization, and Renters' Rights Act is Measure C.

The Marijuana Operations Tax is Measure G.

"Interested members of the public will draw letters from a basket to determine the candidates’ name placement order and to assign the letters for each measure listed on the ballot..."

I will volunteer to pick the letter that represents Pacifica's marijuana sales issue and will use my mental energies to select the letter "J," as in, "Yo, homie, we gonna smoke a good ol' J."

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