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Department of Corrections Correction: Better Business Burro says Starbread is moving into a space near Cheers, while Starbucks is moving or expanding into a new space in Linda Mar Shopping Center, and Panda Express is moving into the old Denny's space. And a sharp-eyed Riptide reader notes that Starbread is Filipino, not Indian, food. Got that straight now?


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The Indian restaurant is slated to go into the old Donut Time spot.

Well -- you are close. Starbread IS moving into Linda Mar, but it is a Filipino bakery, not an Indian food restaurant. There IS an Indian food restaurant slated for Linda Mar, but it won't be called Starbread. So Linda Mar is getting an Indian food restaurant, Starbread, Panda, and a revamped Starbucks.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for clarifying. We were just going by the Kimco letter and BBB for fact-checking. Hey, you get what you pay for.)

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