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"A swift kick in the ass"? "Greensuited jackboots"? "Green-shirted eco-bullies"?

Hey -- I want a bag of whatever you're on.

The "No on C" realtors lie and Mayor Mike includes his picture and endorsement on the extremely dishonest "No on C" propaganda.

Time to recall the mayor. Whichever side of the C issue you're on, this behavior is not becoming for an elected official.

I feel strongly that Mayor Mike missed a golden opportunity to raise his public service announcement (PSA) above the usual boring blather. Instead of packing up his gear in defeat, he should have done what all great performers do: Use it!

I rolled up on the scene. It wasn't pretty. Well done, Deni.

Thank you to Ms. Asnis for speaking out and for not allowing herself to be intimidated. I am embarrassed by our mayor. I think Mike O'Neill owes Ms. Asnis an apology.

Wow@October 13, 2017 at 06:53 PM, methinks thou doth protest too much! You can feel however you like, but I saw what happened at Nick's meeting and I know how I felt when a group of green-shirted eco bullies entered the meeting about halfway through the presentation, positioned themselves around the perimeter of the room, and stood staring at the crowd, even though there was seating available. Another of their ilk sat at a table in the front of the room behaving in an obnoxious manner, making it difficult for others who attended to hear the presentation and the presenter to offer the program. Regarding cellphones held up, specifically aimed at meeting attendees and privately recording them without their permission, please do let us know how that makes you feel if that happens to you.

"Sharon" -- stop lying. I attended the quarry meetings and nothing like you described happened. The pro-quarry development meetings hosted by the quarry owner were actually taped by the quarry OWNER, who also demanded that attendees sign his attendance sheet, presumably so he could keep tabs on his opposition. While many people (myself included) urged him to make the tapes available on YouTube (to put an end to lies told by the pro-quarry development crowd), he refused to do so.

As for feeling intimidated by people using their cell phones to record what is said and done at public meetings -- that speaks volumes. Why would cell phone videos be any more intimidating than the large video cameras set by the pro-quarry development crowd at a private (non-city-sponsored) meeting, or the video cameras that tape all Planning Commission and City Council meetings? More specifically, what is it about the prospect of having evidence of what was said at city meetings that scares you?

I so miss the good old days when behavior like that warranted a swift kick in the ass.

Hey, Mike, maybe you should see how Jim Ruane of San Bruno or the mayor of Calistoga, Chris Canning, run their cities.

Glad you got a taste of what it feels like. Just like how it felt when the greensuited jackboots showed up at the meeting at Nick's and surrounded the room where attendees were trying to get information about the proposed Quarry development. Also, the recent city meeting where cell phones were held up and recorded everyone at the meeting. Talk about intimidation!


Mayor Mike, in my mind questionable. Doesn't seem interested at all in advocating a secure community.

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