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The voter roll contains phone numbers. But there are also a number of companies that aggregate information about people and a deep-pocket campaign could easily get a list of cell phone numbers that way. It seems like a bad idea for the No on C campaign to send unsolicited texts to voters.

The out-of-town real estate interests have to lie about Measure C because if the voters know the truth, C will pass by a large margin.

Protect Pacifica's community! Vote Yes on C.

How did the "No on C realtors" get anyone's cell phone?

If the robo calls were provided our cell numbers by the mayor, because we opted in to be notified for emergencies, etc., that is an FCC violation. But the other side has shown its true colors.

Even if it isn't perfect, I'm voting yes if only to punish them for that bogus petition drive financed by CAA/SAMCAR, and the lies and fearmongering on NextDoor.

Putin is of the same school about using technology to impact elections. "The end justifies the means" and such. You don't have to fool all the people, just enough.
So lie, lie away, Chicago-based real estate agents. Pacifica voters have shown they are discerning at times (Quarry vote) and may see through the B.S. on this one, too.

Is lying about the measure to voters who will most likely never read the entire text "the right thing to do"? The medium of communication should not matter where it comes to facts.

Protect private property rights. Do not allow the property control agenda to move forward. Measure C is being stopped in its tracks because it is the right thing to do. The use of technology to spread a message is a legitimate tool. The naysayers here are upset because they didn't use this messaging as a way to state a case. There is more coming and the No On C initiative will prevail.

I got a robo call from the misinforming "No on C" campaign today. Boy, are those landlords against Measure C angry.

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