(UPDATE: On Pacifica City Council's second reading of this resolution October 9, it passed 3-2 and now becomes official.)
September 25: "We won 3-2. They changed the agenda right when the meeting started, pushing the Sanctuary City item even further back. The vote finally came at midnight. There were 45 speakers for, 2 against. Some people had to leave, it was so late. There were students who had school the next day. Even a 6-year-old boy who desperately wanted to talk but fell asleep finally after 11 p.m. Mike O'Neill said he voted no because he was worried that Pacifica would lose funding for meals on wheels, forgetting that the president has already pushed for cutting money to meals on wheels nationally."

Julie Starobin

Press Release


Julie Starobin Op-Ed

See supporting documents below:

Sanctuary City History

JUHSD Resolution

PSD Resolution


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I'll know it is time to give a hoot about any discussions of immigration issues when I see the overarching matters of human population, natural resources, and natural environment factored in. The same goes for related matters like "sustainability" in its redefined, greenwashed form that has nothing to do with what may be continued indefinitely. Until then, I'll snooze or spend my energy and emotions on issues that have something to do with the real world.

ICE is raiding sanctuary cities.

Ridiculous to keep people waiting so late. City Council wastes time earlier in agendas ("and then I went to a meeting, and then another one...").

Agendize votes/decisions earlier, and put "reports" (chatting) last.

But I asked 'em to do this before, to no avail. It's as though the idea is to decide at midnight when folks have tuned out.

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