Caltrans, please clean up the debris (rocks, mud, leaves, trash) on the pavement and shoulders of Highway 1 (especially the downhill side) between the Devil’s Slide tunnels and the Pacifica city limits. We asked for this cleanup months ago and not a damn thing has been done about it, despite the best efforts of business leaders and city/county/state representatives to get Caltrans on the job. That filthy, dangerous roadway is a disgrace to Caltrans and a safety hazard for motorists and bicyclists. Caltrans is in direct violation of its own state highway code 91.6, which says Caltrans must give high priority to keeping the highway clean. Pacificans and other Coastsiders who use Highway 1 should protest to their elected representatives at every level of government (city, county, state).



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If my aging memory is not out to lunch, the stretch of road in question here is not in Pacifica but is a stretch of road that Caltrans would like to widen to four lanes, so let's hope that does not become part of the game.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Carl, you are right. The problem is the roadway above Linda Mar leading up to the tunnel, particularly the downhill side, where rocks, mud, leaves, and trash cover much of the bike lane, i.e., the white line and the paved area outside the white line.)

People on this blog sued Caltrans. Do you think Caltrans actually likes Pacifica?

(EDITOR'S NOTE: This is not a popularity contest. Caltrans is a taxpayer-funded state agency that is supposed to serve all Californians and all California cities fairly and equitably. If you can prove that Caltrans is retaliating against us because of a local lawsuit that Caltrans lost, we would love to know about it. Can you say class action? Besides, why would Caltrans be punishing non-Pacificans who risk life and limb using dirty Highway 1?)

I think we can all agree this area needs to be cleaned up, but it's a bit of a stretch to call it a direct violation of its own code. It reads in part "assign a high priority to litter deposited along state highway segments adjoining storm drains, streams, rivers, waterways, beaches, the ocean, and other
environmentally sensitive areas." It doesn't say immediately clean it up; it says assign a high priority. Perhaps there are higher-priority areas out there being worked on? That would be the thing to do rather than proclaiming the sky is falling.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: This is primarily a safety issue. The paved shoulders outside the white lines are mostly covered with trash, mud, rocks, leaves, and branches, so bicyclists must ride in traffic, which creates a hazard for them and for motorists. If you drive this stretch of road, you can clearly see the problem, and despite numerous phone calls, emails, and editorials, Caltrans has done nothing about it. When the state highway department cannot create safe conditions on its own road, then yes indeed, it is a direct violation of its own highway safety code, and we stand by our accusation.)

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