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People complain about salaries. 95% of the public couldn’t stomach dealing with the lowlifes police deal with. Or firefighters who risk their lives going into burning buildings. I watched the fire department save two lives and cut an accident victim out of their car and save them. The upper management in Pacifica are grossly overpaid. I haven’t seen much improvement done around town by these $200,000 paper-pushers.

Our city clerk is grossly underpaid for the amount of work she does!

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Thanks for posting. This is insane, folks! Anyone in the private sector making anything close to a Pacifica police sergeant? $140,000/year salary and more than $225,000/total compensation. For a police sergeant!?! And how many sergeants do we have? Is everyone a sergeant or captain? I won't even get started on firefighter salaries...

Something is wrong. Very, very wrong. This is completely and utterly unsustainable. Period. We in Pacifica are living way beyond our pocketbooks. But our employees just love us. Love all the way to the bank.

If we choose to want to remain a small town, then we have to learn and promulgate the spending/economic habits of a small town. We have a choice: Keep our employees loving us and go broke or become fiscally responsible and live within our means and survive. Yes, we may lose some employees. But I assure you, there are plenty of competent out-of-work people out there willing to work for more than $225,000/year plus a great pension. Madon!

Recology is requesting a rate hike of 6.6 percent and an extension to its "no compete" clause for another five years. You can protest this by writing to the City Clerk's office before December 11. Below is a link that gives helpful insight into Recology in Pacifica from a prior rate increase in 2011.

Pacifica is overextended on future payouts for:

(1) ever-increasing pension payouts*
(2) continued vulnerability to lawsuits**
(3) overpriced staff***
(4) incompetent or disadvantageous fiscal management****

*Change compensation structure so that employees participate in Social Security, 401K.
**Consider full-time counsel; set up relationship such that counsel is strongly incentivized to wholly protect the city.
***Workers with the same or better skills are going without work in the private sector.
****E.g., Pacifica is STILL paying off loans for buildings; Pacifica entertains idea of spending public monies on civic buildings vulnerable to coastal flooding and erosion.

a big thanks to our city employees for doing a great job

The City of Pacifica is asking the fire department for a 3% pay cut.

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