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Thank you, Carl, look forward to having your valuable input included in our present and future efforts to make our trails a safer place to visit.

Where is the guideline for staying on trails that are designated for your kind of use?
Where is the guideline for respecting trail regulations, such as the leash law or bicycle speed limits?
Where is the guideline forbidding the unauthorized creation of new trails in parks?

Great to see this posted. Our local trails are getting lots of press. Knowing how to get along with other trail visitors will ensure a pleasant time for all. Here are our trail use guidelines put together by horse riders, bicyclists, and hikers.

Trail Etiquette Guidelines: All outdoor trail visitors, please practice shared-trail etiquette that will ensure a pleasant time for all.

1. Equestrians have trail right-of-way at all times. Hikers/runners/cyclists, slow down, stop, and ask in a calm voice if it's okay to proceed. Courteously follow horse rider instructions. If in doubt, err on the side of caution. Stop and calmly ask!

2. Equestrians: Thorough horse training is imperative when frequenting mixed-use trails. Well-trained and socialized horses are much less inclined to spook, whatever the situation encountered.

3. Hikers/runners/cyclists: When you encounter a horse on a single-track trail, stay on the lower side of the trail. Please avoid standing on the upper side as this may spook the horse.

4. Equestrians: When coming to a single track, look ahead and if you see hikers or cyclists, wait for them to clear the trail before you proceed.

5. Equestrians, when riding downhill and you see a bike coming up, please consider giving them the right of way.

6. Headphone users, keep one ear open at all times when using headphones or earbuds. Hearing courtesy voices or bells from approaching runners or riders is important to avoid startled surprises.

7. Bike riders, please use urban trails with complete anticipation/awareness of encountering horse riders, hikers, or runners around every turn at any time (slow down, skids are for kids). Handlebar bells are bitchin, use them as a heads-up howdy, not a coming-through bark.

8. Dog people, control your dogs, pick up and properly dispose of waste.

9. See trash? Pick it up or report it if in a copious pile.

10. Medical or other emergency, call 911. For non-emergencies, call San Mateo County Sheriff at (650) 363-4911 or Pacifica Police at (650) 738-7311.

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