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Don't forget the California Public Records Act. If they don't believe in open government, then all bets are off that anything else will work. 8:40-12:50? Dan Stegink should also bring up Open Government. Have his campaign contact me.

Yeah, I agree with the thought that too many people in too small a space create problems. It just works that way. Yet we have to try to accommodate it somehow.

By one common measure, even if housing were free, lower-income people could not make a decent living in San Mateo County.

Babbling about a housing crisis may appeal to voters, but that avoids the big-picture impossibilities that more housing of any kind and greater population will only exacerbate.

Ignorance of the physical limits of our resources and life-providing ecosystems, ignorance of the already-arriving, soul-grinding future guaranteed to especially the poorer elements of society by the upper-wealth-serving economic growth ethic, and ignorance of everything else that is not sustainable with our over-consuming global population is not compassionate. Ignorance of all the factors involved in overpopulation of any specific place and of the entire planet is not progressive, with a lowercase "p"; it is regressive.

The "analysis" in the article that Scotty linked to is flat-out wrong. And that's not what truly "compassionate progressives" think at all. There are lots of policy discussions about real solutions to the housing problem. They talk about how building market rate and luxury housing only makes the problem worse. We need to build affordable and low-income housing. We need to subsidize that housing so it gets built. And we need to reduce the demand by moving jobs elsewhere so people can afford housing near jobs and have a better quality of life.

Carl May, what is your solution then? Kill the people? Compassionate progressives embrace YIMBYism as the only real solution for our ridiculous housing problems.

Neither of these candidates exhibits any population awareness. There is no housing shortage--there is a people longage. Without an awareness of that and all it entails, only poor decisions on growth and development can be expected from county supervisors. Feel-good stances on trivial issues amount to little more than misdirection to get votes.

Horsley, a retired county sheriff, continued to use the tired line that medical marijuana shouldn't be allowed because it can be an excuse for healthy people to get high, even after 55% of his constituents had voted to legalize marijuana for all adults.

One of Don Horsley's first budget meetings as supervisor saw him try to cut funding for a children's hospital altogether; he was bargained to give the hospital at least half of what it needed. His priority was funding a low-skill labor job on the coast, which he did with the cut to the hospital funds.

There's been little change in his approach.

I think Don Horsley has done some good things, but it's time to get people on the board who are not part of the "club." San Mateo County was the last county in the state of California to institute district elections, and it took a voter initiative to do it. The "good ol' boys" (and gals!) did nothing to rock the boat. There is a revolving door that excuses some really inexcusable conduct by some top county officials who continue on in their really well paid positions. Time for change.

The incumbent broke his promise not to collect both pension and salary (from same employer) if he was elected. So Horsley now costs us over $350,000 each year.
Dan Stegink can help shake up the insiders club that runs this county, a combine of construction unions and businesses. They take care of each other, and do it with hardly any public notice.

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