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Re #6, can someone please tell me how much the city paid for each of the two properties at 528 and 532 Esplanade, across from the Post Office, the last two homes on Esplanade that were recently demolished. Can't find the purchase price anywhere.

Very much appreciated, Mr. Mayor.

Many thanks, Mayor John Keener!

I appreciate the analysis of the meeting, Mr. Mayor.

I'm also relieved to see that the council is moving in the direction of two libraries, one of which might be rebuilt on the present site in Sharp Park. It will not be easy, given the JPA that was signed by multiple cities in the county, all of which must sign off on any plan Pacifica comes up with.

I think the city parking lot next to Pacifica Thai Cuisine might be another parking problem, considering the trend toward building the biggest possible building on any vacant lot. Just down the street is the latest example, across from Grano de Oro on Francisco. Many more cars looking for parking places will result, of course. Just cram 'em all in, right?

You know, 10 years later, we on Donaldson are still dealing with Lake Donaldson whenever there is heavy rain. Multiple city staffers have evaluated it. The lake is caused by lack of properly controlled drainage. Please, Mayor Keener, come have a look at the photos. Oops, the city already has copies of them. A small trench cut against the sidewalk of Donaldson's first house would do the trick.

Clear, concise, and to the point. What a breath of fresh air!
Many thanks.

Thank you, Mayor Keener.

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