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Radio Shack Shakeout

The Better Business Burro reports that the Radio Shack/Sprint store in Linda Mar shopping center is selling off everything at discount prices and emptying out the store. The dominoes continue to fall at the rent-gouging shopping center, though Comments (at link below this post) seem to indicate that the bankrupt business was more to blame than the landlord.

Alternative Chamber of Commerce

Local guru of good taste, Swami Umami visualizes a small-business group focused on products and services not related to real estate and development. This includes one-man/one-woman operations, mom-and-pop shops, creative artists, writers, musicians, printers, chefs, craft workers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and freelancers seeking an independent, progressive organization to represent their unique needs and interests. If you are interested, email your contact information to mayburrito at and we will transmit it to the swami. Don't worry about your privacy; the swami has absolutely zero connections with the Trump administration.

Pacifica Tribune Raises Rates

Riptide's Better Business Burro brays about the Pacifica Tribune raising its subscription rates to $30 for six months and $49 for one year. The senior rate remains $22 for one year. We are sure that the newspaper has its business reasons for the rate increase. In any case, we always support print journalism and urge our readers to continue supporting the hometown rag. Special kudos to Tribune writers Jane Northrop and Jean Bartlett.

Is There Life After Denny's?

According to the City of Pacifica Planning Department, the former Denny's restaurant site at the northwest corner of Linda Mar shopping center will become this rendering of a one-story, 4500-square-foot, multi-tenant commercial building with outdoor seating, landscaped areas, and new signs. Kimco's application is incomplete at this time, but a revised application is expected within the week. (Thanks to Alan Wald for alerting us to this new signage in front of the site [see below], and to Dan Stegink for the close-up photo of the sign above.)