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The Rumor Mill: Surf Spot Wipeout

Big Banker reports a rumor that The Surf Spot restaurant on Sea Bowl Lane will close soon and that the brew pub there will take over the operation. Was notice given to employees and vendors before bankruptcy was declared? Inquiring minds would like to know. According to a NextDoor post, closing day is August 27 and customers holding gift certificates have been advised to use them up before the 27th. Stay tuned to Riptide for more details as they emerge.

Pacifica's Winters Tavern Expands to Gold Country

The co-owner of a popular family-run business in Pacifica called Winters Tavern confirmed that while it was still a month or two too early to share details, “the Winters storm is coming” to Sonora. C.J. Valenti, along with his wife and business partner Corinne Robinson — a Sonora High School graduate — are sharing hints on social media that their new location will be called Winters Tavern East and that it will maintain similar values as the Pacifica location; namely, locally sourced beers (“no crap on tap”), food, and live music.

My Mother Lode

Kimco: Panda Express Taking Old Denny's Spot

NextDoor Post

Department of Corrections Correction: Better Business Burro says Starbread is moving into a space near Cheers, while Starbucks is moving or expanding into a new space in Linda Mar Shopping Center, and Panda Express is moving into the old Denny's space. And a sharp-eyed Riptide reader notes that Starbread is Filipino, not Indian, food. Got that straight now?

Rockaway Clocktower Foreclosure Sale

According to Big Banker, the iconic Clocktower Building at 446 Old County Road in Rockaway Beach is in foreclosure, with a $2,340,00 first trust deed recorded in November 2006, past due in November 2016. Building owners have filed bankruptcy, but the foreclosure sale has been rescheduled repeatedly with no end in sight. Stay tuned.

Radio Shack Shakeout

The Better Business Burro reports that the Radio Shack/Sprint store in Linda Mar shopping center is selling off everything at discount prices and emptying out the store. The dominoes continue to fall at the rent-gouging shopping center, though Comments (at link below this post) seem to indicate that the bankrupt business was more to blame than the landlord.