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City Council Waltzes Around Rent Control

On December 5, in a "study session" on rent stabilization that somehow had mysteriously morphed into a "special meeting," Pacifica City Council directed the city manager and staff to return January 25 with two options: an advisory resolution for rent stabilization ("toothless," according to our informed source) or a real rent control ordinance. Stay tuned.

Pacifica City Council Unanimously Rejects Undemocratic Item 9 (VIDEO)

Jennifer Ball Op-Ed

Agenda Item Number 9

On November 9, Pacifica City Council unanimously defeated agenda item number 9 (see text below), by which some Riptide readers say the city manager sought to limit free speech and democratic process at council meetings, specifically targeting the activist/progressive minority of John Keener and Sue Digre.

"Process for City Councilmembers to Add Topics to Council Meeting Agendas. PROPOSED ACTION: Move to adopt the recommended process described in this report for Councilmembers to request topics be added to the Council agenda and direct the City Manager to edit the City Council Rules and Code of Ethics to reflect the new process and bring the document back to the Council for adoption at a future meeting."
A video of the council meeting is posted on YouTube (see above). Bravo to all citizens who showed up to support democracy, and ditto for the council!


CCC: Pacific Skies Needs Coastal Development Permit

CA_CCC_logo reports that the California Coastal Commission (CCC) mailed a letter to the City of Pacifica November 3, 2015, about the Pacific Skies Estates (PSE) mobile home park. That letter allegedly states that PSE will require a Coastal Development Permit, which the Pacifica Planning Department had previously determined was unnecessary. The likely resolution will be a hearing where both sides will present their arguments in November or December 2015. has requested a copy from the city and will post it when it arrives. There is no information on how this may affect the pending evictions of PSE tenants.


Election Mystery: Historic All-Mail Ballot But Almost No Reason to Vote

Dan Underhill says, "I have just received my Official Ballot — Consolidated Municipal, School and Special District Election — County of San Mateo, and I don't recognize any of the names. Can any of you shed some light on this race?" (See ballot below.) Most voters we have spoken to agree with Dan. No one seems to know any of the candidates or why we should even bother to vote, though this is a historic first-time, all-mail election in San Mateo County. If some evildoer had wanted to scuttle all-mail voting, this would have been the perfect way to do it. We call foul!


Former Pacifica Planning Commissioner Leo Leon on PCT 26


Wavelength host Ian Butler interviews former Pacifica Planning Commissioner Leo Leon on Pacific Coast Television (PCT) Channel 26. Local issues include Highway 1 history, Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives, Pacifica General  Plan, Capital Improvement Program, Traffic Impact Mitigation Fees, and Pacifica Municipal Code.

Call for State to Probe Pacifica's "Missing" Millions

The City of Pacifica has lost track of $4.8 million, saying it was moved from one account to another, but no one seems to know what it was spent on. I have been told  repeatedly that the city does not believe the money was misspent or embezzled, but I was offered no proof. When it comes to $4.8 million of taxpayer money, "believe me and trust me" is just not good enough. Since both the city manager and City Council refuse to do a forensic audit, our only choice is to request that the State Controller's Office investigate Pacifica's financial practices. Email:

Tom Clifford

No More Social Security Numbers on EDD Mail

EDD Mends Its Ways

Pacifican Maxine Hines put some heat on the California Employment Development Department (EDD) for its risky practice of mailing forms and checks showing clients' full Social Security numbers, fully vulnerable to identity theft. Maxine went to the news media, including Riptide,, and KPIX-TV, and to the state legislature, and finally got some action out of Sacramento. EDD has agreed to stop printing Social Security numbers on its mailings. Nice going, Maxine!