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Amy Goodman, Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now!

Pacifican Ron Berger meets with Democracy Now! host and investigative journalist Amy Goodman during a Peninsula stop April 12 on her national speaking and book-signing tour that celebrates the progressive TV news program's 20 years, currently broadcast on 1,400 stations, including Pacific Coast TV Channel 26 in Pacifica. Goodman starts each morning's program proclaiming, "From Pacifica, it's Democracy Now!" The program originally aired in 1996 on five Pacifica Radio stations around the country. (Editor's note: Pacifica Radio has no connection with Pacifica, California.)

Photo and caption by Alan Wald

City Razes 320 Esplanade

PAC_ESP_320_bite1_031216  PAC_ESP_320_bite3_031216Demolition of this large apartment building teetering on the edge of the cliff began March 12 and will continue for four or five days. Bad weather had delayed the demolition several times during the past week. Looky-loos are swarming over the site like vultures. Pacifica's suffering has turned the city into a sick tourist destination for voyeurs. (Photos courtesy of

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