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City of Pacifica Refutes Bike Stand Injury Claim

BikePacifica Pier bike stand has been removed.

The City of Pacifica denies it is at fault in response to Pacifican Vanessa Edmundson's civil suit (CIV537576), which seeks unspecified monetary damages for injuries claimed from tripping over a concrete bicycle stand at Pacifica Pier in January 2015. The city filed a pretrial statement May 13, 2016, stating: "Plaintiff, in the scope and course of her employment, tripped over a cement block bicycle stand that was located in plain view. Plaintiff contends that she fell and sustained injuries. The location of her fall was not in a dangerous condition, as a matter of law, and plaintiff's fall was the result of her failure to exercise due care. Furthermore, defendant had no notice of any dangerous condition at the plaintiff's fall location."

Plaintiff Edmundson filed a pretrial statement May 16, stating: "Plaintiff tripped and fell over a large cement block on a public sidewalk, suffering injuries to her head, neck, shoulder, and extremities. Plaintiff's medical expenses and wage loss is unknown."

A pretrial conference takes place Thursday, May 26 in San Mateo County Superior Court in Redwood City in an effort to seek resolution.

Alan Wald

Trippin' at the Pier

A case management conference scheduled for May 26 in San Mateo County Superior Court in Redwood City may set a trial date in the Vanessa Edmundson civil suit against the City of Pacifica (CIV537576). Pacifican Edmundson seeks monetary damages for her injuries claimed from tripping over a concrete bicycle rack at Pacifica Pier on or about January 24, 2015. She is represented by attorney Michael R. Solomon. Although the city removed the bicycle stand and others like it when the suit was filed, the above photo shows what it looked like. The image source is a Pacifica Pier visitor's online photo album from June 2012.

Alan Wald

Amy Goodman, Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now!

Pacifican Ron Berger meets with Democracy Now! host and investigative journalist Amy Goodman during a Peninsula stop April 12 on her national speaking and book-signing tour that celebrates the progressive TV news program's 20 years, currently broadcast on 1,400 stations, including Pacific Coast TV Channel 26 in Pacifica. Goodman starts each morning's program proclaiming, "From Pacifica, it's Democracy Now!" The program originally aired in 1996 on five Pacifica Radio stations around the country. (Editor's note: Pacifica Radio has no connection with Pacifica, California.)

Photo and caption by Alan Wald