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Get Away From Gray Whale Cove

Tom Stienstra Column

Our love/hate relationship with tourism and the tunnels continues, as San Francisco Chronicle outdoors columnist Tom Stienstra features our popular beach at Gray Whale Cove as his favorite Weekend Getaway. If you're smart, you will avoid this area (or anywhere along the Midcoast on any nice weekend) and wait for a calmer weekday visit. Is it time for a "Locals Only" sign?

Pacifica Playschool Sues Yelp Poster(s)

Pacifica Playschool at 630 Hickey Boulevard and its owner Suzanne Wheeler Johnson yesterday filed a lawsuit in San Mateo County Superior Court alleging false and malicious reviews on the Yelp website, submitted on two occasions by poster "CT T", including statements that playschool employees were seen smoking marijuana at the playschool.  Johnson is suing Yelp poster(s) "John/Jane Doe(s)" for libel, lost income, and emotional distress, and has asked for trial by jury:


In an unrelated 2016 complaint about the playschool, state investigators found no basis or support for the complaint: