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Caltrans Extends Highway 1 Guardrails

Press Release

Caltrans finally extended the guardrails along both sides of Highway 1 at the San Pedro Creek Bridge. We editorialized for this safety improvement when the new bridge first opened, so we are glad to see it getting done. Better late than never. See the above press release for details. Next, we need Caltrans to clean up the weeds and debris alongside Highway 1 going up to the tunnels. It's a real mess, and it endangers life and limb for motorists and bicyclists on that sloppy stretch of highway.

Dog Walker Alleges Mori Point Knife Threat

News Story

Pacifica Police Captain Joseph Spanheimer says: "Two officers responded to the reporting party's call and were unable to find the man with the knife. The circumstances were documented in an incident report: 11:15 a.m. at 08-24-2016 It appears that the man said he had the knife in case a dog came near him. At no time did the man remove the knife or brandish it in a threatening manner. No crime appears to have been committed and the man's identity remains unknown at the time."

Space Lightning Over China

While photographing the Perseid meteor shower on August 13, a sky watcher in China captured rare images of a "gigantic jet" leaping out of a thundercloud. The luminous purple and red structure stretched its tentacles almost to the edge of space before vanishing in full view of dozens of onlookers. Visit for photos and more information about this phenomenon.