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Science News in High Schools

Help your high school support science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs by getting the free Science News magazine. The "Science News in High Schools" program launched September 2015 as part of a larger commitment to create a more scientifically literate society. Science News, published since 1922, provides an approachable overview from all fields and applications of STEM. The magazine is written by experienced science journalists, many with Ph.D.s in scientific disciplines. Click Here for Info

Age Well/Drive Smart: 10% off Car Insurance

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Many, if not most, auto insurance companies offer a 10 percent discount on annual premiums for several years to motorists who take this state-approved Age Well/Drive Smart program. I went to the three-hour Daly City seminar in 2014 and continue to receive a 10 percent annual discount from Farmers Insurance because of it. (P.S. It's okay to sleep through the seminar.)

Alan Wald

F-35s or 20 Years' Free College Education

"Mind-blowing fact of the day: The total cost of the U.S. military’s F-35 program, $1.45 trillion, could provide free college education to every student in the U.S. for 20 years. Oh, and by the way, the program has been a total disaster. Nine years into development, the F-35 fighter jets (the most expensive American weapons ever built) are still not ready for combat, and their software is so flawed that they may never be ready. Great." (Sources: Military Times, Motherboard; cited in The Hustle online, April 28)

Survey: Safe Routes to School

All parents of schoolchildren in San Mateo County should fill out this survey on traffic safety funding:

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12. Do any of the following items concern or limit your child's ability to walk or bike to/from school?

13. Would you allow your child to walk/bike more often if this concern was addressed?

17. Is there anything you would like to change in the Safe Routes to School program at your school?

Coastside School District Test Scores Abysmally Low

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Pacifica school test results reveal that only 57 percent of Pacifica public school students met statewide standards in English. An even lower 50 percent passed the test in math. The new tests are based on Common Core State Standards. Low test scores also were reported at other Coastside school districts. Must be the salt air!

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