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Pacifica Taco Bell in the News—Again!

"Pacifica has some excellent landmarks in full view from the Pacific Coast Highway. Sea Bowl forever! But we’re highlighting the greatest Taco Bell on the planet, in a beautiful wooden building with beach views, a walk-up window for surfers and the same prices as every other Taco Bell." (#23 on a list of tourism-free landmarks in the Bay Area, San Francisco Chronicle, August 17; note that locals say Highway 1, not Pacific Coast Highway, a Southern California thing)


I Think It's Turning Japanese, I Really Think So

New Restaurant

A Japanese restaurant with the unpronounceable name Uoyakutei has moved into the old Prime Dip/Boston Bill's/KFC site on Highway 1 at Rockaway Beach, where the weeds had grown as high as the roof. We wish them luck, and maybe Alan Wald will have some fun with their name. Grand Opening signs are up on the building now. Please review the food and service, then hit the Comments link below this post to share your review. Keep it friendly but honest.

Don't Frack My Food

Oil-fracking chemicals in our oranges and strawberries? Yeah yeah yeah -- we've all heard it: Buy local organic produce. Or grow your own. But how many of us regularly buy California strawberries, mandarin oranges known as Cuties and Halos, and other produce from the Central Valley, without considering that there might be oil production chemicals in the food? Tell Governor Brown you'd like to see this process stopped until it can be reviewed and reported on by independent professionals. Click the link below to take action:

Don't Frack My Food