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Would You Eat a 7-Pound Taco?

Aptly named the "Seis de Mayo Hangover Remedy," this taco was created by New York's El Original in honor of that inevitable headache millions of Americans are going to experience the morning after Cinco de Mayo. According to a rep for the restaurant, the taco includes a pound of sausage, a pound of potatoes, a pound of bacon, a pound of refried beans, a pound of fajita vegetables, a dozen eggs, 8 ounces of pico de gallo, 4 ounces of queso fresco, and 8 ounces of salsa—all (somehow) stuffed into one 12-inch tortilla. (from First We Feast online)

Ballpark Burger Busters

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers may be a minor league baseball team, but their stadium eats are in the major leagues. This season, the team is embracing the appeal of the over-the-top stunt foods and will give fans the option to pound pizza-wrapped burgers during the game, according to Fox 11. Who needs popcorn and hot dogs when you can just eat a heart attack? While the item is called the Meatlovers Pizza Burger, the name wholly undersells it. The burger features not one, but four beef patties that are wrapped in in a pepperoni, bacon, and sausage DiGiorno pizza. One burger will cost you $22 and likely 5 years of your life; although, it might be worth it considering it gives you the chance to feast on two of greatest junk foods in one sitting. The stadium has a history of offering over-the-top burgers and is bringing back its Big Mother Funnel Burger which features funnel cakes for buns.



Rock & Roll Light Show @ Sea Bowl

Every Friday night, the bowling alley presents Astro Bowl, a multicolored laser show with musical beats from the DJ, along with video screens that will have you moonwalking up and down the shiny lanes. It's entertainment for people who yearn for the club scene atmosphere—without the club. From 10 p.m. to 12:30 a.m., Fridays, off Highway 1 just south of Rockaway Beach and Fassler Avenue in Pacifica. Call 650-738-8190 for information.

Sea Bowl

Pacifica Jack Cheese: The Better Cheddar

PAC_PHS_pacifica_jack_cheeseAntiquarian Kathleen Manning of the Pacifica Historical Society (PHS) has discovered in an old cookbook that the original recipe for jack cheese may have been created at the Mori family restaurant on Mori Point around 1880, then hijacked to Jacks Ranch in Monterey, where the versatile semisoft cheese took on the name Monterey Jack.

PHS is selling Pacifica Jack, a local version of the cheese, for $8 a pound at its brand-new Pacifica Coastside Museum, which held its gala opening August 22 in the former Little Brown Church in Sharp Park. 

Reports "Pacifica Jack has a firm, almost Brie-like texture with an extra-sharp, white-cheddar bite. At just under refrigerator temperature, when rubbed between thumb and forefinger, it smears rather than crumbles, and the three kids we taste-tested it on loved it. Use it anywhere you'd want a cheddar with a lower melting point or even anywhere you previously might have used Gruyere."

(Photo courtesy of; story courtesy of Pacifica Tribune and

"Off the Grid" Beach Party: Planning Commission Punts

Otg_flyer2 Mission





The Pacifica Planning Commission decided July 20 to postpone addressing a proposed yearlong beach party on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The events would be hosted by Off the Grid, nationally recognized for its Fort Mason and Presidio food truck events that have united neighborhoods, drawn nearby communities, and provided a wide variety of high-quality international food vendors. It's an interesting idea from Economic Development Director Anne Stedler and City Manager Lorie Tinfow. According to the Planning Commission meeting agenda (below), both Linda Mar Beach and Sharp Park Beach are under consideration as locations for the food truck event.

Meeting Agenda