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Kiss Your Lawn Goodbye: Switch to Native Plants

What do you plant when the grass is gone? You removed the grass. Or it died and you want to remove it. You want to go native -- everyone's doing it. And it's good for the birds and bees. But how? Here's a handy online tool to help you grow wildflowers and find drought-tolerant plants that birds and bees love!

Plant Finder

Before you say, hey, wait a minute, I'm in Pacifica or Half Moon Bay, not San Francisco. Check it out. We've got similar habitats here on the Coastside. This tool will help you pick plants, find places to buy those plants, and get help if you need even more information on how to make your yard drought-resistant and pollinator-friendly. Then watch the birds and bees enjoying your new yard!

Opinion: Free Recycled Water Costs Too Much

Pacifica's North Coast County Water District (NCCWD) will soon offer 100 gallons of recycled water, free for the taking – well, sort of free. Like most recycling programs, this program is a futile, feel-good gesture. If you have a couple of hours to spare, a half-ton truck, a tank, a pump, and a half-gallon of gas, you can get up to 36 cents' worth of water. In addition to the environmental damage that gas creates, this is a lousy use of your time. Instead, use the water on the golf course and playing fields, and turn the rest into drinking water. And while we’re banging on about the city and political correctness, where are the numbers for the beach parking meters and sewage treatment solar system?

Al Miller

Pedro Point