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Caltrans, please clean up the debris (rocks, mud, leaves, trash) on the pavement and shoulders of Highway 1 (especially the downhill side) between the Devil’s Slide tunnels and the Pacifica city limits. We asked for this cleanup months ago and not a damn thing has been done about it, despite the best efforts of business leaders and city/county/state representatives to get Caltrans on the job. That filthy, dangerous roadway is a disgrace to Caltrans and a safety hazard for motorists and bicyclists. Caltrans is in direct violation of its own state highway code 91.6, which says Caltrans must give high priority to keeping the highway clean. Pacificans and other Coastsiders who use Highway 1 should protest to their elected representatives at every level of government (city, county, state).



On October 12, 2017, the City and County Association of Governments of San Mateo County (C/CAG) deleted $6.9 million in funding for right-of-way purchases for widening Highway 1 (see C/CAG memo at link below). This was in response to a letter directed by Pacifica City Council to C/CAG's executive director asking that this funding be removed from the 2018 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) listing. This was the last vestige of funding for the Calera Parkway Project (CPP).
In addition, there has been no attempt by Caltrans to appeal its loss in the federal lawsuit over the CPP environmental impact report (EIR).
Also, according to Pacifica Municipal Code, any additional through lanes for Highway 1 now require a vote of Pacifica electors.
I think it is safe to say that we have reached the end of the CPP widening. Thanks are due to a tremendous number of people who protested the widening, in particular, members of Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives (PH1A).
Let's now focus our energy on alternatives to widening.
John Keener
Pacifica City Council

Shame on Caltrans: Highway 1 Still Dirty & Dangerous

Wandering & Wondering

The lead item in my Pacifica Tribune column of June 21 (click link above) called on Caltrans to clean up the unsafe stretch of Highway 1 between Linda Mar and the Tom Lantos Tunnels at Devil's Slide. Trash, weeds, leaves, tree branches, rocks, and mud on the PAVED shoulders endanger motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The day after my column came out, Caltrans mowed some grass and weeds alongside the highway, particularly those blocking the WELCOME TO PACIFICA sign, but it still hasn't cleared the paved shoulders. Please join me in bringing pressure on Caltrans to finish the job. A phone call or email to your city, county, and state elected representatives might help.

Danger Lurks @ Gray Whale Cove Pedestrian Crossing

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Beachgoers crossing Highway 1 between Gray Whale Cove and the parking lot east of the highway face extreme danger every day as speeding vehicles, heavy traffic, fog, and blind curves add up to a disaster waiting to happen. San Mateo County is dragging its feet on a solution: crosswalk, flashing lights, overpass. Why does it take government so long to fix an obvious major safety hazard?