Sierra Club Hike Discount for Ages 18-30

Mammoth Crest to Silver Divide: John Muir Wilderness, California 

In an effort to get more young folks into the wilderness, we offer adults 18-30 years old a full $300 off this trip:

If you’ve always wanted to backpack in the Sierra Nevada, but you can’t afford to spend a full week doing it, then this could be the trip you are looking for. What is more fun and awe-inspiring than a week hiking the Sierras? Find out more:

Clear Day @ Egg Rock

Coastside Aerial drone photographer Marque Glisson says, "I flew the drone 151 feet above Egg Rock. No wildlife was harmed or agitated. I spoke with a park ranger at Devil's Slide about this. I flew 10 feet lower than where I launched; he wanted to alert me about not going any lower. I didn't get his name, but he was quick and on the job to warn and inform me. Kudos to him!"






Fair Rents for Pacifica: Deirdre Martin for City Council

FairRents4Pacifica supports Deirdre Martin's campaign for City Council because she favors rent stabilization. We feel this is the best strategy for us to pursue in Pacifica. We have volunteered to help gather signatures in San Mateo for its rent stabilization ballot measure. We feel any positive movement in the Bay Area helps our efforts here in Pacifica. Many of us are working to create "roaming shelters" in Pacifica and the rest of the Coastside. Today there are no shelters for homeless people on the coast, and this effort will provide shelter year-round and be supported by government funding. Deirdre Martin's fundraising event is at Shelldance Orchid Gardens on June 12. Please see the flyer below and on Riptide Activities & Events.



Would You Eat a 7-Pound Taco?

Aptly named the "Seis de Mayo Hangover Remedy," this taco was created by New York's El Original in honor of that inevitable headache millions of Americans are going to experience the morning after Cinco de Mayo. According to a rep for the restaurant, the taco includes a pound of sausage, a pound of potatoes, a pound of bacon, a pound of refried beans, a pound of fajita vegetables, a dozen eggs, 8 ounces of pico de gallo, 4 ounces of queso fresco, and 8 ounces of salsa—all (somehow) stuffed into one 12-inch tortilla. (from First We Feast online)

Montara Mountain Book Back in Print

Montara Mountain by Barbara VanderWerf
Montara Mountain
is back in print. Barbara VanderWerf’s guidebook to the trails, plants, and fascinating historical lore of Montara Mountain, including San Pedro Valley Park, is available at the Visitor Center Trailside Store. Originally published in 1995, Montara Mountain was reprinted in 2010 with a foreword by Mike Vasey. As this is still a great reference book for hikers, bicyclists, and horseback riders, the Friends of San Pedro Valley Park (SPVP)—working with Barbara—have facilitated a third printing. Trailside Store hours are Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The park entrance is at 600 Oddstad Boulevard just south of the Oddstad/Rosita/Linda Mar intersection. Friends of SPVP present informative nature programs, and always welcome new members to support volunteer work in the park:

Friends of San Pedro Valley Park

Trippin' at the Pier

A case management conference scheduled for May 26 in San Mateo County Superior Court in Redwood City may set a trial date in the Vanessa Edmundson civil suit against the City of Pacifica (CIV537576). Pacifican Edmundson seeks monetary damages for her injuries claimed from tripping over a concrete bicycle rack at Pacifica Pier on or about January 24, 2015. She is represented by attorney Michael R. Solomon. Although the city removed the bicycle stand and others like it when the suit was filed, the above photo shows what it looked like. The image source is a Pacifica Pier visitor's online photo album from June 2012.

Alan Wald