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Beware Green Dot Card Phone Scam

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office warns the public about fraudulent phone calls claiming to represent the Sheriff’s Office. The unsolicited calls are from an individual who falsely claims to be a sworn member of the Sheriff’s Office. The fraudster tells people they must pay penalty fees for failing to appear for jury duty, and instructs them to pay the fees by purchasing a prepaid “green dot card” or be subject to arrest.

The truth is that neither the Sheriff’s Office nor any other law enforcement agency will ever contact you demanding that you pay fees and/or fines and be subject to arrest if you fail to comply. Be vigilant and never provide personal information over the phone, like Social Security numbers and credit card information, unless you initiated the phone call. If you believe you were the victim of this or a similar scam, contact your local law enforcement agency.


Victim's Mother Sues Caltrans & City of Pacifica

Confusing signage and poor design at the Highway 1/Sea Bowl Lane intersection are the basis of a lawsuit brought by the mother of Bruce Ross Bernor, who was killed by wrong-way driver Ana Reepen last July 25. Reepen faces three felony charges, including gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. She remains free on $250,000 bail. Her criminal trial began July 18 in San Mateo County Superior Court, Courtroom 2A, Redwood City.



Go to the bottom of the page to download the entire 24-page lawsuit.

Civil Court Cases of Interest in Pacifica

•John Straight vs. City of Pacifica (CIV535685): A settlement was reached with the city July 1. Straight sought monetary damages for injuries claimed from falling into a Hickey Boulevard manhole when its cover gave way. Attorney Gregg Thornton represented the City of Pacifica.

•Vanessa Edmundson vs. City of Pacifica (CIV537576): Click here for the minutes of the May 26 case management conference involving Pacifican Vanessa Edmundson vs. City of Pacifica (CIV537576). Edmundson seeks monetary damages for injuries claimed from tripping over a cement bicycle stand at Pacifica Pier in January 2015.

Alan Wald

Eenhoorn & Heule: Where There's Smoke There's Fire (UPDATE)

Kent Clark, reporting from Pacifica, California, has unearthed published articles about the company seeking to develop Rockaway Quarry:

1. Eenhoorn's $7 million lawsuit against the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was thrown out by a judge, appealed by Eenhoorn, but then proceeded: "The lawsuit is an apparent about-face from the spirit of cooperation expressed during a press conference last year, when Eenhoorn President Paul Heule said the building owners and the city would 'work together as a partnership' to reactivate the riverfront high rise at 201 West Fulton St." (City of Grand Rapids response)

2. Eenhoorn's Heule and partners bought a historic church summer camp on Lake Michigan, outbidding a local conservation group that was working to buy the land, and converted it into exclusive, multimillion-dollar custom luxury home sites called Dunegrass: The Preserve at the Lakeshore. Environmental protests, lawsuits, septic systems in fragile habitat, fences, and ill will ensued.

Eenhoorn outbids conservation group
Conflict over road widening
Chain link fence on private beach

Project status overview

3. In 2000, HUD audited Eenhoorn over misuse of housing funds: Inspector General

4. Details of the complicated relationship between Eenhoorn, the Heules, IRM, and the Christian Reformed Church, all of which were embroiled in a controversial real estate investment scheme that fell apart in the 1990s, seriously damaging individual and institutional investors in the church and other members of the larger Dutch-American Christian community in western Michigan:

Unholy Mess

Eenhoorn & IRM

Real Estate & Religion

Caltrans Answers Our Highway 1 Cleanup Request

Type of Situation: Litter - Trash and Debris

Nature of Situation: Highway 1 between the tunnels and Linda Mar needs weeding and cleanup all along both shoulders, including removal or repair of the crumpled Caltrans construction sign on the downhill side.

Geographic Location of Situation: The entire roadway north of the tunnels is littered with trash, debris, and weeds on both sides.

(We submitted this maintenance request June 29 on the Caltrans District 4 online form. Caltrans replied July 14 that it has scheduled cleanup of this disgraceful stretch of highway between Linda Mar and the tunnels. Thank you, Caltrans! We note that removing the weeds and trash may help visibility on this dangerous S curve, where bicyclists wobble up and down the narrow-to-nonexistent shoulders.)

Sierra Club Hike, August 5-9: Discount for Ages 18-30

Mammoth Crest to Silver Divide: John Muir Wilderness, California 

In an effort to get more young folks into the wilderness, we offer adults 18-30 years old a full $300 off this trip:

If you’ve always wanted to backpack in the Sierra Nevada, but you can’t afford to spend a full week doing it, then this could be the trip you are looking for. What is more fun and awe-inspiring than hiking the Sierra Nevada? Find out more: