Recycle Rechargeable Batteries

It's next to impossible to recycle traditional alkaline batteries, so you've switched to rechargeable batteries. But at some point, even they stop working. Luckily, recycling rechargeable batteries is now easy.                      

  • Keeping bad stuff in one place. Recycling rechargeables prevents toxins from leaching into waterways and the air. From lithium to lead, many battery components can be recovered and reused.
  • It's easy as easy as dropping off old rechargeables at a participating retail store when you're picking up new ones.
  • It takes all kinds: car, laptop, and cell phone batteries included
  • How Stuff Works: learn how batteries are made.
  • Green Batteries: the rechargeable battery emporium for batteries, chargers, and accessories.


Pacifica's Winters Tavern Expands to Gold Country

The co-owner of a popular family-run business in Pacifica called Winters Tavern confirmed that while it was still a month or two too early to share details, “the Winters storm is coming” to Sonora. C.J. Valenti, along with his wife and business partner Corinne Robinson — a Sonora High School graduate — are sharing hints on social media that their new location will be called Winters Tavern East and that it will maintain similar values as the Pacifica location; namely, locally sourced beers (“no crap on tap”), food, and live music.

My Mother Lode

Kimco: Panda Express Taking Old Denny's Spot

NextDoor Post

Department of Corrections Correction: Better Business Burro says Starbread is moving into a space near Cheers, while Starbucks is moving or expanding into a new space in Linda Mar Shopping Center, and Panda Express is moving into the old Denny's space. And a sharp-eyed Riptide reader notes that Starbread is Filipino, not Indian, food. Got that straight now?

Waterford Foreclosure Sale: Saga Comes to an End

Big Banker reports that 340 Waterford reverted to the lender today (08-02-2017) for $690,669.85. B.B. said that Alex Fraser, point man on the troubled Harmony @ 1 project at Fassler & Roberts Road, was having trouble with his parcel at 340 Waterford in Pacific Manor, next to the car wash. It was originally scheduled for foreclosure sale on April 26, but the sale had been postponed multiple times.

Pacifica Playschool Sues Anonymous Yelp Poster(s)

Pacifica Playschool at 630 Hickey Boulevard and its owner Suzanne Wheeler Johnson have filed a lawsuit in San Mateo County Superior Court alleging false and malicious reviews on the Yelp website, submitted on two occasions by poster "CT T", including statements that employees were seen smoking marijuana at Playschool. Johnson is suing Yelp poster(s) "John/Jane Doe(s)" for libel, lost income, and emotional distress, and has asked for trial by jury:


In an unrelated 2016 complaint about the playschool, state investigators found no basis or support for the complaint:


Case management conference, September 21 at 9 a.m. Case number 17CIV02219.