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Waterford Foreclosure Sale: Saga Comes to an End

Big Banker reports that 340 Waterford reverted to the lender today (08-02-2017) for $690,669.85. B.B. said that Alex Fraser, point man on the troubled Harmony @ 1 project at Fassler & Roberts Road, was having trouble with his parcel at 340 Waterford in Pacific Manor, next to the car wash. It was originally scheduled for foreclosure sale on April 26, but the sale had been postponed multiple times.

County Rejects Midcoast Zoning Change

Community Alert

County Pushback

Email your concerns about Midcoast planned developments:

Supervisor Don Horsley:

Community Development Director Steve Monowitz:

Urge them to support an updated Neighborhood Commercial ordinance specific for the unincorporated San Mateo County Midcoast as outlined in the Midcoast Community Council's 3/22/2017 letter.

Measure N Fails to Reach 2/3 Majority: Congrats to NO Campaign

Fellow blogger Dan Stegink of shared correspondence from the state (see links below) about the controversial library funding measure, which failed to pass November 8. Dan had asked the state: "The proposed argument for the new library (Measure N) states that the California Coastal Commission (CCC) has thoroughly vetted Measure N: 'The Coastal Commission and third-party experts thoroughly vetted Measure N to ensure our library is safe from flooding and sea-level rise.' Is that accurate?" The CCC said NO (see CCC letter at first link below).

CCC to Dan Stegink

CCC to Lee Diaz

CCC to Lorie Tinfow

Planning Commissioner Campbell: Quarry Traffic Questions

Rich Campbell Comments

At the link above, read the full transcript of Planning Commissioner Rich Campbell's questions about Rockaway Quarry traffic, which he asked during his October 17 attempt to schedule a Planning Commission Study Session on the matter. The Pacifica Tribune condensed Campbell's comments. Quarry development (Measure W) lost 2-1 on November 8.

Citizens United to Defeat Library Tax: Lawsuit Quashed



Anna Boothe of Citizens United to Defeat the Library Tax filed a lawsuit in Superior Court asking to have Measure N removed from the November ballot, but the judge quashed the complaint. Nevertheless, the library tax failed to reach a two-thirds majority on November 8, and so it did not pass. Click the links above and below for details. To see the complete court file, input 16CIV01731 at this link: Superior Court

City Press Release

Pro-Growth Coastal Commission Okayed Quarry Dig, But W Lost

ScienceGirl Op-Ed

The California Coastal Commission denied Pacifica environmentalists' appeals, allowing a quarry dig to continue. (Thanks a lot, Governor Vendido!) But Pacifica put a stop to this madness, voting 2-1 for NO on W November 8, effectively killing the quarry owner's proposed 206-unit housing development.