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New Quarry Mailer: Smoke & Mirrors

It says, "Ensure Pacifica Voters have Final Say on the Latest Quarry Development Proposal" (their caps, not mine). If residential is proposed in the quarry, by law the voters always decide ... EXCEPT if this initiative passes because it amends the law to remove your right to vote on future residential in the quarry. Then it says, "Limit development on the Quarry site." Wrong. If the initiative passes, it will approve 206 residential units in the quarry. It will approve development, not limit it. This is George Orwell's 1984 doublespeak. (from NextDoor online forum)

Say NO to High-Density Housing & Traffic

F3674170-b838-43b9-8fd3-7ed4e034ecf3-1Midcoasters jammed Farallone View Elementary School in Montara on March 16 to say NO to MidPen Housing's high-density project, and YES to creating a new Montara Point Park. As if Highway 1 traffic weren't bad enough already, multiply MidPen's proposed 148 units times the typical number of vehicles per unit, and that gives you some idea of the transportation nightmare this would create on Highway 1. MidPen aims to develop a vacant 11-acre lot bordered by Carlos, Sierra, and 16th streets (between Moss Beach and Montara). In the photo below, you can see where Carlos and 16th streets spill into Highway 1, the scene of many traffic accidents over the years.)


Neighborhood group Resist Density (email asks residents to email MidPen representative Felix AuYeung at and San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley at Also, please join the effort to turn this scenic hillside into Point Montara Park. Click the links below:

Let's Make a Park

Tell Supervisor Horsley

HMB Review Story

MidPen Developer

Email Addresses



It's a Boy! Harmony @ 1 Finally Has Some News

Apparently, tech titan Bijan Khosravi has bought a piece of Harmony @ 1 for $2.2 million (see below). Bijan blogs on and his name pops up all over the Internet, so have fun checking out your new neighbor:

History Record #1: SALE/TRANSFER; Buyer: Khosravi Bijan; Seller: Sonora Shores Iii Llc; Transaction Date: 01/25/2016; Sale Price: $2,200,000; Recording Date: 01/26/2016; Sale Price Type: Full Value; Recorded Doc #: 000000006521; Title Company: First American Title; Document Type: Deed Transfer; Vesting Type: N/A

Biz Journal

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California Coastal Commission Fires Executive Director Dr. Charles Lester

Reaction to the firing:

Passive-Aggressive Jerry Brown

Steve Lopez, L.A. Times

San Jose Mercury News

Sacramento Bee

Save Dolphins

Earth Island Journal

High Country News

Los Angeles Times

Science Grrrl!

Before the firing:

Lester's Statement

Lester's Defense

New York Times

Los Angeles Times

L.A. Times Analysis

L.A. Times Op-Ed

San Jose Mercury News

Lennie Roberts to Gov. Brown

State Legislators to Gov. Brown

State Legislators to CCC Chair

Protest Action:

Email the governor, the commission, and your state representatives. See below for email addresses or websites for contact info. Also see below for the talking point you can use in your email. It's fine to be brief and just make your main point: Protest the firing of Dr. Charles Lester.

1. Governor Brown:
2. CCC:
3. State Senator Jerry Hill: Contact Form
4. Assemblymember Kevin Mullin: Contact Form
5. Assemblymember Rich Gordon: Contact Form
6. CCC Central Coast rep Carol Groom:

TALKING POINT: The attack on Dr. Lester is an attack on the Coastal Act. This power grab by Governor Brown's pro-development commissioners and others is an attempt to undermine the integrity of the Local Coastal Program, gain control over an independent staff, and make CCC more “developer-friendly” without any public accountability or transparency.

Saving Moss Beach's Vallemar Bluffs: Overflow Crowd @ MCC

Photo by Cat Cutillo, Half Moon Bay Review

An overflow crowd attended the Midcoast Council meeting December 9 to comment on a proposed development on Moss Beach's Vallemar Bluffs. Read this Half Moon Bay Review story (November 4) about the plan to build six houses on the bluffs. If you have ever walked along the trail there or sat on the bench gazing out at the ocean, you should be very angry about this proposal, which includes cutting down 40 cypress trees. The bluffs belong to the public, not private homeowners. STOP PAVING PARADISE!

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