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Saving Moss Beach's Vallemar Bluffs: Overflow Crowd @ MCC

Photo by Cat Cutillo, Half Moon Bay Review

An overflow crowd attended the Midcoast Council meeting December 9 to comment on a proposed development on Moss Beach's Vallemar Bluffs. Read this Half Moon Bay Review story (November 4) about the plan to build six houses on the bluffs. If you have ever walked along the trail there or sat on the bench gazing out at the ocean, you should be very angry about this proposal, which includes cutting down 40 cypress trees. The bluffs belong to the public, not private homeowners. STOP PAVING PARADISE!

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CCC: Pacific Skies Needs Coastal Development Permit

CA_CCC_logo reports that the California Coastal Commission (CCC) mailed a letter to the City of Pacifica November 3, 2015, about the Pacific Skies Estates (PSE) mobile home park. That letter allegedly states that PSE will require a Coastal Development Permit, which the Pacifica Planning Department had previously determined was unnecessary. The likely resolution will be a hearing where both sides will present their arguments in November or December 2015. has requested a copy from the city and will post it when it arrives. There is no information on how this may affect the pending evictions of PSE tenants.


Nightmare Prospects: Fight Fassler FUBAR

City of Pacifica Notice

Tom Clifford Comments

More bad news for Pacifica open space and highway traffic: Another out-of-town builder wants to put two dozen condos (The Prospects) on the Fassler downslope to Highway 1. We can only hope that basic human fear will cancel out basic human greed, and put a stop to this latest insanity. A scoping meeting was held October 29. Please click the Comments link below this post to add your opinions and to follow this story. Fassler & SR1 3 Crespi = Ariel 5MEGS 3 copy 2Bob Pilgrim photo

What's at Stake in Rockaway Quarry?

Pacifica Quarry Reclamation Plan

It's 119 pages, so use the index to look for specifics like soil sampling or types of soil or other studies that pertain to soil. The Zentner Co. said it needed soil samples because the company said all soil information had been lost. I would also reference the 2002 Program EIR produced by Trammell Crow for the same site.

Todd Bray

Former Pacifica Planning Commissioner Leo Leon on PCT 26


Wavelength host Ian Butler interviews former Pacifica Planning Commissioner Leo Leon on Pacific Coast Television (PCT) Channel 26. Local issues include Highway 1 history, Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives, Pacifica General  Plan, Capital Improvement Program, Traffic Impact Mitigation Fees, and Pacifica Municipal Code.

Chamber Barely Attends Its Own 7-Eleven Lovefest

By, Special to Riptide

7-Eleven's 117-day-late attempt at community relations failed miserably as its Donuts & Pony Show set for 60 Chamber of Commerce participants was attended by only a meager three non-organizers (and non-journalists).

7-Eleven employees present were Stephen Oliver, Jesse Kent, Aparna Joneja, Blaire Skellie, Destiny Nguyen, Robert Young, and one unidentified woman.

Curiously absent was 7-Eleven applicant and Realtor Katy Schardt (who is now apparently handling the Grocery Outlet application at Pedro Point Shopping Center):
Friday morning we called the Chamber of Commerce and finally got a hold of Sonoma-bound (lame duck) chamber CEO Courtney Conlon.  

Conlon stated that she had not received our emails and denied our request for a 10-minute rebuttal to present "How Small Business Loses When 7-Eleven Comes to Town" and said that the chamber board had not had time to approve our request.  

Judging from the turnout, we're guessing that the chamber board probably did not approve Conlon's attempt to drum up support for 7-Eleven, as the board clearly did NOT have the support of individual chamber members.

Inaccuracies were certainly corrected. We counted 14 of 7-Eleven's statements at the morning's meet-and-greet that we made right for the record.  

NOTE: As always, we continue to respect individual chamber members immensely, and despite some attempts to parse and polarize our argument, we have always been big fans of local business in Pacifica.

Can You Build in a Tsunami Zone? posted a very interesting story September 6 about the California Coastal Commission (CCC) challenging the Midcoast fire station plan to build inside the El Granada tsunami zone. The fire district has hired a consultant to challenge the challenge, but meanwhile this raises good questions about other building projects that fall within tsunami zones elsewhere (like Pacifica, and specifically in Rockaway Quarry).

Slurpee Alert: 7-Eleven Plan for Dave & Lou's

7-Eleven's plan for 505 Linda Mar Boulevard (Dave & Lou's Valero station) would raze the existing building and build the convenience store parallel to Highway 1, with zero setback from the sidewalk, drastically reducing driver visibility turning onto Highway 1 and reducing ocean views of 26 nearby homes and mountain views of 36 nearby homes.

Listed site features include:
1. No setbacks (distance between building and property line)
2. Site would require use permits for sale of alcohol and 24-hour operation.
3. Location would be northwest corner of the lot. This location would give greater visibility and accessibility to pedestrian traffic.
4. New canopy should be raised to accommodate truck route.

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