Dear Editor:


Your recent Monterey travel section article by Nick Rahaim “The competing legends of Monterey Jack” fails to mention a competing legend that is both believable and compelling. In the late 1880s, the Mori family emigrated from Italy to the Coastside south of San Francisco. There they had a ranch and restaurant at Mori Point in what is now Pacifica. The Moris made a soft, mild, but flavorful cheese from a recipe they had brought with them from Italy.


When Mori employee Baldocchi was fired, he moved south—with the recipe! He ended up on the David Jack property in Monterey, and “the rest is history!" Might this Monterey history be but only part of the whole cheese story? No one knows the “true story” for sure, but the Pacifica Historical Society PHS) sells a delicious cheese at its Pacifica Coastside Museum gift shop (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 1-4 p.m.). PHS members cite their own local sources of dubious information to validate the Pacifica legend (see Pacifica Tribune 8/18/15; 10/7/15; and 3/14/18).


Whether or not you believe their version of history, the cheese is delicious, much better than any “Monterey Jack” you’ll find in supermarkets! Try it before you decide what to believe!


The Pacifica Historical Society is hosting a “Cheese Contest” on April 6 featuring creative uses of “Pacifica Jack” cheese in hors d’oeuvres, desserts, specialties, and “people’s choice” categories. See the promotional video at or visit the Pacifica Historical Society website at for more information.


Patricia Kremer

Pacifica, California