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Statement from Senator Jerry Hill on Senate Resolution 16

Hill is a Joint Author of the Resolution That Denounces the President’s Executive Order Barring Travel to U.S. by Individuals From Seven Predominantly Muslim Nations



SACRAMENTO – The state Senate voted today to pass Senate Resolution 16, introduced by Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León.


The resolution calls out other “shameful actions” during the history of U.S. immigration policy, including exclusionary laws aimed at Eastern Europeans, Asians and Africans as well as the country’s refusal to admit hundreds of German Jews in 1939 who sought a haven from the Third Reich.


Commenting on the legislation afterward, Senator Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties said:


“As Americans and as Californians, it is important that we condemn this executive order – it is an affront to the values and principles we hold dear. Seventy- five years ago, in February 1942, an executive order sent Americans of Japanese descent and immigrants of Japanese heritage living in our country into confinement, stripping them of their rights and depriving them of their livelihood and property. We cannot again allow fear-mongering masquerading as national security to disenfranchise individuals based on the countries of their heritage or their religion.”



Text of Senate Resolution 16: