Many thanks to those of you who participated in our campaign to encourage the SFPUC to put the Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan on their agenda yesterday. I thought the meeting went well. We had 37 speakers and even more supporters in the audience. It was a pretty full house.


The Commissioners were very respectful, and after listening to our comments, they directed staff to respond to our response to a brief they’ve been distributing (our response is in the PDF below), and to meet with the environmental community. It looks like that meeting will take place in February.


If you’re so inclined, please feel free to email the Commissioners and thank them for discussing the issue and receiving our input. They stepped up! While you’re at it, feel free to mention to reasons why you care about this issue. Their email address is


If you would like to watch the meeting video, it is item 8 at


Thank you for your ongoing support!


Peter Drekmeier

Tuolumne River Trust

San Francisco