Members and Beyond:


Meetings at the Pacifica Coastside Museum for January 2019

Sunday, Jan. 6th  2PM  Workshop about Rental Policy

            For three years, we have been periodically renting out the large room of the museum.  During this time, we have learned a lot, but some changes in policy are now needed.  The goal of this workshop is to explore ideas to improve our policies.  email Erika Rigling for further information <

Tuesday, Jan. 8th  2 PM Planning Committee Meeting

     This is the regular monthly meeting to plan events for PHS.  New people and ideas are welcome. 

Jan. 8th  7PM  Board Meeting

            Members are always welcome to attend and learn what the Board of Directors actually does.

Jan. 11-12th  Rummage Sale

            Help is especially needed on Saturday afternoon at 3PM to clean up and put away things.

Jan. 13th 2 PM Ohlone Exhibit Workshop

            As part of 250th anniversary of the first contact between the local Ohlone Indians and Spanish explorers, we plan to feature the Ohlone in a new Exhibit.  Those interested in planning the content and creating the actual displays are invited to this workshop.  Come with your ideas.  Suggestions that include credible documentation and interesting visual material are especially welcome.  If this date his not convenient or you have questions, notify Pat Kremer <>  

Jan. 26th 10:30 AM Book Club “There There” by Tommy Orange 

            This book is rooted in Oakland CA and Native American culture.  It is reviewed very favorably by the New York Times < >  For more information contact Diana Zollinger <>.

Jan. 27th 2 PM Archives Policy Workshop

            Now that the Pacifica Historical Society has a physical space to house archives and exhibits, what policy should we have about our archives?  Your opinion is an important part of our planning process.  What should we collect and keep?  What should we not have in our collection?  How can we organize our archives to keep them safe and make for efficient research?  The actions we take now will have long-term consequences.  How can we make good decisions?    For more information contact Pat Kremer <>