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G.I. Writes Home from Iraq: Who Really Cares About the Troops?

A local relative of an American soldier in combat in Iraq received a copy of this letter that the G.I. wrote home to his parents:

Hey Mom and Dad,
I wanted to call you guys on sunday but we got alot of bad news. 7 guys from our battalion and one guy from my old platoon (name withheld) were killed. This morning we got even more bad news when we found out that (name withheld) was shot through the neck by a sniper and at best will be paralized from the neck down for the rest of his life. Needless to say it has not been a good week. I feel like every single day it gets further and further away from coming home and things get worse and worse. All the while dumbasses like bush keep pushing the issue for us to stay and do dumb ass things like extend us. Right now 4 months may as well be a million years from now. It just sucks. Every single person here is struggling to hang on while most of there families and relationships from home are falling apart. I seriously dont think I will ever be able to put into words how much I HATE, and know that hate is a strong word, but hate our governments and the people who are allowing this bullshit to keep going. I dont know. I'm just really frustrated because it seriously feels like no one gives a shit about the soldiers here and they just care about there own promotions. Not one person here with me thinks that this is a just cause or is something worth being here for. The only thing I can say about the people who were killed is what a waste of good lives. It sucks. Sorry this e mail isnt more upliftining but I have absolutly nothing to be up beat about. call you guys sunday or something.

(name withheld)


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The military recently outlawed soldiers posting on youtube, I thought that odd so I went on youtube and searched Iraq war. What a nightmare. No wonder the military doesn't want the solders to post or even view youtube. If you can stomach homemade video carnage, you owe it to yourself, the soldiers, and the country to see firsthand what is happening to everyone over there.

dear young man in iraq,
i'm so sorry that you're stuck in this horrific situation. thank you for sharing the reality, the truth, of how pointless this "war"is. you boys are being slaughtered. destroyed in body, mind and spirit. yes, your families need you and you them. your children and partners, parents, friends, everyone who is part of your life- their lives are all being altered by you being away, in iraq.
i suggest that you get a plan going on where a bunch of you get to a safe place and "just say no", to any more fighting.tell your commander that you're done,you sit it out and get creative!, get sent home any way that you can. imagine if this got started and other soldiers joined in and thousands of weapons were laid down. !war is over! instantly!
i wish you strength and safety

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