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Where Is City Oversight on Coastside Scavenger Overcharges?

Img_0635 The Pacifica Tribune reported that no audit of Coastside Scavenger for the years 1996-2000 is planned. According to a city official, the franchise agreement allows going back for an audit for five years only. When we know that in 1995 almost $100,000 in items to be charged to ratepayers were disallowed by an auditor, and in 2001-2006, items overcharged to ratepayers totalled $634,200, isn't anyone the least bit curious as to what went on from 1996 to 2000? When did the alleged illegal dumping of greenwaste begin? No one has asked that question.

Call your elected city council people and ask when they will ask for Coastside Scavenger to be audited for the years 1996-2000. We deserve an accounting, and the company's alleged misconduct should void any limitation on going back in the company's record. If your council person gives you any trouble on this question, ask him or her why the city did not exercise any oversight of Coastside Scavenger between 1995 and 2006.

—A concerned citizen

Walgreens Plays Hardball at Planning Commission Meeting

Manor_intersection_bridge_2 At the Planning Commission meeting on the Walgreens drugstore plan, it was especially upsetting to hear the developer say that two important concerns voiced by Commissioners were "deal breakers," to use his terminology, i.e., if we don't get them, we won't do the project. Those are the drive-through window and the horizontal parking on Palmetto. After the Commission deadlocked 3-3 on the first vote, they decided to hold over a final decision until the next meeting. The developer rushed to the podium and announced another "deal-breaker": Walgreens could just not stand for any more delays! So a proposal was made to include some environmental additions to the planning, and on the second vote, Campbell, who voted NO on the first vote, joined Clifford, Ranken, and Leon in voting Yes. Maykel and Nathanson voted No. Cicerone was absent. —Richard Hurley

Pacifica: No Legal Off-Leash Dog-Walking Areas

SinglesaThere are no places in Pacifica where walking your dog off-leash is legal. Although the City Council passed a resolution to allow for off-leash use at two beaches, the City staff did not take steps to change the ordinance. For this reason, the dog leash law remains in full force and effect, notwithstanding the lack of enforcement. I caution people about this. I have also asked some of our Council members to address this issue, along with the dog park concept (once again), and I understand that these topics might be taken up again in the near future.

Paul Jones

Pacifica Peace People Soldiers On Against the War in Iraq

Img_0317_3 Pacifica Peace People began a regular peace vigil against the war in Iraq right from the beginning of the conflict. Join the group at the corner of Linda Mar and Highway 1 every third Wednesday of the month, until the war ends. Bring signs and good cheer. Positive honks, smiles, and waves will keep you warm on that windy corner in front of Denny's. Meanwhile, keep up with PPP's latest educational programs in the community.

Pacifica Peace People Web Site

G.I. Writes Home from Iraq: Who Really Cares About the Troops?

A local relative of an American soldier in combat in Iraq received a copy of this letter that the G.I. wrote home to his parents:

Hey Mom and Dad,
I wanted to call you guys on sunday but we got alot of bad news. 7 guys from our battalion and one guy from my old platoon (name withheld) were killed. This morning we got even more bad news when we found out that (name withheld) was shot through the neck by a sniper and at best will be paralized from the neck down for the rest of his life. Needless to say it has not been a good week. I feel like every single day it gets further and further away from coming home and things get worse and worse. All the while dumbasses like bush keep pushing the issue for us to stay and do dumb ass things like extend us. Right now 4 months may as well be a million years from now. It just sucks. Every single person here is struggling to hang on while most of there families and relationships from home are falling apart. I seriously dont think I will ever be able to put into words how much I HATE, and know that hate is a strong word, but hate our governments and the people who are allowing this bullshit to keep going. I dont know. I'm just really frustrated because it seriously feels like no one gives a shit about the soldiers here and they just care about there own promotions. Not one person here with me thinks that this is a just cause or is something worth being here for. The only thing I can say about the people who were killed is what a waste of good lives. It sucks. Sorry this e mail isnt more upliftining but I have absolutly nothing to be up beat about. call you guys sunday or something.

(name withheld)


I have waited for someone to speak out about this.  It is past time to say “enough!”

During the Public Comment section of the City Council meeting, a speaker has consistently spoken negatively and abusively to the council members.

City Council members are staff of the City of Pacifica. Staff have the right to work free of verbal and physical abuse from the public. Regardless of the situation, no one has a right to abuse any city worker, and that includes City Council members during public meetings.

In addition, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the financial woes of the City of Pacifica are not the doing of the City Council members. Cities everywhere in the state of California are suffering financially. Our City Council members are trying consistently to improve the lot of the city, despite the expressed opinions of the abusive speaker.

I am tired of listening to the energy-sucking, unhelpful remarks of this person. Since public censure is nowhere in sight, I would like someone to evict him from the meeting next time he makes an abusive remark.


Mariella Bisset

Gas Prices Driving You Nuts? Nationalize U.S. Oil Companies

Unknown4 I live in Hawaii but travel extensively. I find that we in the U.S. have some of the cheapest gas prices anywhere. This doesn't excuse big oil, but most places they are paying $6 to $8 per gallon, and these are places like Kenya (one of the poorest nations). We tried a gas price cap law in Hawaii, but the oil companies and business community,led by our daily papers, went nuts and got it placed on hold. Maybe we should nationalize U.S. oil companies and make them regulated public utilities. (Chris Conybeare)

Voters Gone Wild: Pacifica Kills School Aid

Lions_ngorongoro_crater With our muscle-bound governor building more prisons and cutting off the sick, poor, and elderly, we really should step up to support public education. But apparently only about a third of registered Pacifica voters bothered to mail in their Measure Q ballots to raise a few bucks for the schools. Of that measly third who voted, only three out of five approved the measure, not enough to make the two-thirds majority. This marks the triumph of ignorance and apathy over reason and civic responsibility. It is unconscionable that schools should have to scrimp and scratch for survival. All it does is guarantee that we eventually will need even more prisons to house all the victims of our declining educational system.

Sue Digre: City Planning "Needs More Teeth"

248745541_74854da845_o Councilwoman Sue Digre has issued the following statement:

"I am concerned that Pacifica is facing its future in a wait-and-see manner. I am calling for two things:

(1) More and immediate emphasis on economic development planning via open forums, followed by a ”retreat” session for City Council, then back to the public with a proposed plan of action for public comment. Avoid piecemeal planning.

(2) Temporary moratorium on development while the above is being achieved, say 2-3 months. Our strategic plan needs more teeth."

Love Letter

Astronaut wow! this is a really great website and a fabulous resource for pacificans, or anyone interested in pacifica. pacifica riptide is much more satisfying than"letters to the editor"! my only concern is your seemingly discriminatory practice of preventing automated robots from posting comments. some of my closest friends are automated robots!!!keep up the good work...i wish you, avril